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Dorcy introduces Warm-White LED Pocket Lights for the Medical Professional

COLUMBUS, OH, January 1, 2014 – Dorcy Special Markets Division has introduced an Aluminum LED Pocket Light where the light emitting diode produces warm white illumination similar to an incandescent bulb.  The PL0103 EN&T Warm-White LED Aluminum Pocket Light was engineered and manufactured specifically for the medical professional.

“Since the introduction of LED lighting technology, physicians and other medical professionals have complained about the bright, cold, white light from LED pocket lights designed for ear, nose and throat examinations” said Tom Oddo, MAS, President of Dorcy’s Special Markets Division.  “These professionals were trained to view skin and tissue with incandescent light.  The LED color temperature was much colder and brighter, changing the appearance of the areas diagnosed, causing some to question the validity of their assessments.”

The PL0103 EN&T Warm-White LED Pocket Light now produces a light very near in color temperature to that of a standard incandescent bulb. With a color temperature near 3500K (Kelvin) the PL0103 reveals the illuminated area in a neutral white light with similar visual color as incandescent light. The output is noticeably easier on the eye, making different tissue types clearly distinguishable. This latest generation of LED light out-put is achieved with minimum power requirements, 2 replaceable AAA batteries that can operate for extended periods of time, making it significantly more energy efficient than a standard incandescent pocket light.

Comparative Test Results

Oddo stated, “Dorcy set out to create the best possible conditions during eye, ear, nose and throat examinations for physicians and other medical professionals, with a lighting solution that offers optimal light color and rendering, limited heat emission, efficient use of the energy source and flexibility in use.”

The PL0103 EN&T Warm-White LED Pocket Light features


  • A 5mm warm-white LED light source that replicates incandescent light temperature and brightness
  • Heavy-duty aluminum barrel
  • Positive-action on/off switch for convenient one-handed operation
  • Laser Engraving to enhance and secure the advertiser’s logo or message
    • Includes two AAA replaceable, heavy-duty batteries 

About Dorcy

Dorcy SMD (ASI: 50677 UPIC: DORCY SAGE: 67972 PPPC: 20120913) is a division of Dorcy International, Inc., 2700 Port Road, Columbus, OH 43217. Dorcy International, a privately held company, marketing portable, personal lighting products and dry cell batteries for over 55 years and is proud to be business partners with many of the world’s largest retailers. DORCY is a global enterprise with sales and marketing offices in Basel, Brisbane, Sydney, Hong Kong, Toronto, and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.  Dorcy’s competitive advantages include: In house design and engineering capability, the widest range of proprietary personal lighting products available, and speed to market meeting evolving consumer demands – LED, fashion trends, materials and technology.   http://DorcySmd.com