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Life Gear LED Flares Save the Day

Where I live it’s hilly. Often you have to brake before topping a hill because you can’t see what’s on the other side. I’d often thought about what would happen if my vehicle broke down on one of these roads. Even if my emergency flashers were working, would people be able to see them? What if they weren’t working? What would I do then? I also considered other situations; including fog, rain or storms, winter weather, and flooding. In such an environment, a minor accident, breakdown, or even a flat tire could potentially turn into a major accident. So what can one do to have peace of mind if and when such a situation occurs?
I know the answer to this question because I experienced it firsthand. Several years ago I was driving at night on a rural road, a road I had driven hundreds of times before. When I came over a hill, I heard a thump and then my car felt like it was flying. After a bumpy landing, I came to a stop and after gathering myself, got out of the car to see what had happened.
It turns out I had run over a cow; a big one. It had obviously already been hit by another vehicle, most likely a semi. I smelled gas and later learned my gas tank had been torn from the car. It quickly occurred to me that the next person to pop over that hill would not only hit the cow, but my car as well. Fortunately, I had LED flares on hand. As I called 911, I took the flares to the top of the hill and placed them in the road, alerting drivers of the dangers ahead.
The Life Gear LED Emergency Flares were a lifesaver. Unlike traditional incendiary flares, they contain no chemicals or flammable materials, making them much safer to use. These flares are also long lasting and reusable, with up to 150 hours of battery life. Just twist them on and they glow solid red, twist them again and they flash red. A magnetic end allows you to attach the lights to your car in the event your hazard lights aren’t working. They also include magnetic base stands so you can position the lights almost anywhere. You can put them at the top of a hill, as I did, to alert drivers to a broken down vehicle, accident, or debris in the road. They could also be placed in front of a flooded road until emergency help arrives.
In my situation, the magnetic stands were a huge help. I couldn’t place the flares on my car as it was already in a place where it was hard to see. Placing the LED flares on the stands allowed me to alert drivers of the situation ahead. The police officer said it was good that I had the flares as they likely prevented a third accident. After help arrived, I was able to turn off the flares and put them back in the car. I haven’t had to use them since, but I feel better knowing they are there. Emergencies can and will happen, and I simply feel better knowing I’m prepared.
In addition, the flares are water resistant and will keep working even in a downpour. They also float in water, have an auto off feature, and batteries are included.
Considering the price of these flares, there’s no reason not to have them in all of your vehicles. The added sense of security they give is well worth the price. I know I’m glad I did.

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