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4 Gifts for the Outdoorsy Dad

Gift Guide for dad


The holidays are just around the corner, which means plenty of gift giving and showing your loved ones just how much you appreciate them. While you might have ideas for your friends and siblings, dads can be notoriously hard to shop for. Finding something fun, practical, and affordable for your dad can seem impossible. Here are a handful of gifts for the dad who loves the outdoors.



  1. A Multi-tool


While the pocket knife is a staple for many outdoor adventurers, the multi-tool is a significant step up, offering a wider collection of tools and equipment in a sturdier, more mature frame. Pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and knives are a standard part of most any multi-tool.


Life Gear offers a wide range of multi-tools at affordable prices. The durable handle and stainless steel construction ensure that, whether your dad loves to hike, camp, or fish, he’s sure to get years of great use out of these multi-tools, which also include lights to ensure safe use and visibility throughout the day.


dutch oven

  1. A Dutch Oven


Dutch ovens designed for camping offer an immense amount of flexibility. They are the pocket knife of camp cookware. You can hang it over your fire or place it directly on the coals. Dutch ovens also come with lids, allowing you to place coals atop the oven for baking. You can also flip the lid upside down and use it as a pan or griddle. Cast iron ensures extreme durability and a finish that only gets better as you use it.



  1. A Sturdy Bag


From rucksacks to messengers, a good bag can be your dad’s greatest companion when he’s braving the outdoors. A bag built for the outdoors offers exceptional style, durability, and plenty of pockets and pouches for equipment, supplies, and accessories. The main things you should look for are comfort and versatility. That means plenty of padding and comfortable grips on arm straps and handles and enough space to accommodate anything from a day hike to a business flight.




  1. An Adventure!


One of the best gifts you can give your dad is more time with you and the family. Plan a camping trip at your dad’s favorite national park. If the weather doesn’t allow, rent a cabin or plan a trip during the spring or summer. Write up an itinerary for all the sites you think he’d want to see and all the hikes he’d like to go on. Make sure to bring a camera and journal along to record the memories.

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