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LED headlamps are incredibly useful for many different activities. From running, walking, hiking, jogging, bicycling, late-night fishing, or even working on cars late into the evening, an LED headlamp from Dorcy can cast light exactly where you need it. No matter what activity you intend to partake in, there is a headlamp in our collection that can fit your lifestyle.

  • • Work on construction or industrial projects late into the night?
    The Industrial headlamp is water and shock-resistant to take what you can throw at it.
  • • Looking to outfit a group of campers at an affordable price?
    Our simple LED Compact Headlamp is a cost-effective source of light which can double as an armband light.

18 Products

18 Products

The Top Features Of The Brightest LED Headlamps From Dorcy Include:

  • • High-quality durable body construction.
  • • Bright LEDs (also known as LED bulbs).
  • • Being an unbeatable value for the price.
  • • Waterproofing on certain models allows you to work even in difficult weather conditions.
  • • Non-slip grip keeps our LED headlamps in place.
  • • Durable body construction for long-lasting use.
  • • Powerful LEDs providing exceptional brightness.
  • • Unbeatable value and affordability.
  • • Waterproof models for reliable performance in all weather conditions.
  • • Non-slip grip ensuring a secure fit during activities.
  • • Proudly supporting a USA-based brand you can trust