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Announcing Life+Gear Fire Safety Lighting

Life Gear, the recognized name in disaster and survival kits and equipment, is proud to announce the debut our revolutionary new Fire Safety Night Light, which is winning high praise from fire officials from coast to coast, who are calling it one of the most important fire protection device since the smoke detector.

We are officially launching our essential new life saving product at the start of the 2013 National Fire Prevention Week, when people everywhere are asked to take stock of their home safety and protection.

The Fire Safety Night Light, with its patented technology, is one of the best every day night lights, UNTIL it is activated by your smoke detector. The sound of the smoke detector instantly switches on a brighter light to help you and your family find the way out of a burning house rapidly filling with thick black blinding smoke.

According to the United States Fire Administration, smoke kills more people in house fires than the flames and asphyxiation is the leading cause of fire deaths, exceeding burns by three-to-one.

Most people assume it is very bright inside a burning home or business. Actually after a short burst of light, the fire produces billowing thick black smoke resulting in near total darkness.

It only takes minutes for a burning house to fill with smoke and just seconds to be overcome.

Breathing even the slightest amount of smoke with poisonous gasses can very quickly cause disorientation, loss of consciousness and death.

Since smoke rises, the only breathable air is down low, near the floor. With the Fire Safety Night Light plugged into a low wall socket, the bright light shines where the clean air is, lighting the way to safety and significantly increasing the chances of survival.

Here’s what David Paulison, former director of FEMA, former president of the International Association of Firefighters and a former fire chief has to say about the Fire Safe Night Light”

“As former Miami Dade County Fire Chief, I have seen more than my share of fires that claimed lives because of smoke inhalation, which causes far more deaths than flames. “Houses fill with thick black toxic smoke very quickly. You can’t see through it. It only takes a few seconds to be overcome,” added Paulison. “ Having bright lights down low on the wall, which is where we tell people get to, to find breathable air, may give them a few more seconds to get out and those seconds can mean the difference between life and death.”

And national award-winning fire educator, Tracy Koslowski of the Driscoll Heights, Arizona Fire Department believes it is essential for every home. “The Fire Safety Night Light is clearly as important a fire survival tool as the smoke detector and every home should have them. “It’s one thing to be alerted or awakened by the smoke detector, which is a proven life saving invention. It’s quite another to get out alive. “As a fire prevention and protection educator, I believe everyone should know the latest technology that is available for fire safety. A bright light turned on by your smoke detector is something every home should have and every homeowner should know about.”

Protect yourself and your family. Plug one in your hallway and your living room, your basement and your family room. Ensure you have the best chance to get out should your house catch fire. You have a smoke detector to alert you to the smoke and fire. Now, make sure you can see your way to safety.

And there’s another valuable feature that the Fire Safety Night Light provides. In addition to reacting to the smoke alarm sound, it turns on automatically when there is a power failure. Power failures don’t happen often, but when the power goes out at night, it leaves your home in total darkness. Fire Safety Night Lights provide the bright light needed to see your way around your house, providing safety, comfort and relief for your family.

The Fire Safety Night Light is available exclusively at all Home Depot Stores. Get yours today and protect yourself and your family.

No product can guarantee your safety in the case of a fire. Remember to make a thorough fire safety plan for your family and home, install and check smoke alarms, and place the Fire Safety Night Light within 20 ft of a working smoke alarm to be most effective

Empowering people through innovative solutions to be prepared for everyday life.

People are often awakened by a smoke detector to find their home is filling fast with thick black smoke. Smoke kills more people in a house fire than the flames.

It only takes seconds to be overcome by smoke, which besides being lethal, is blinding, preventing people from seeing their way out.

As smoke rises, the only breathable air may be near the floor.

A new product is just now on the market which will undoubtedly save lives. It’s an everyday night light plugged into an electric socket low on the wall.

The siren of a smoke detector turns the ordinary night light into a life saving Life Light, glowing bright enough to see the exit. The smoke detector alerts you to the fire, the Life Light shows you the way to safety.

They are available at Home Depot stores.

During this year’s National Fire Prevention Week, everyone should take inventory of their personal home fire safety plan.

  • Make sure your smoke detector works. They should be tested once a month and batteries replaced once a year.
  • Plug Life Lights in all the rooms of your home.
  • Plan your family escape route and practice it once a month.
  • Place fire extinguishers throughout your home, make sure everyone knows how to use them and ensure the dates on them have not expired.
  • Check for outlets overloaded with plugs; including TV, computer, printer and stereo.
  • If you haven’t had your furnace checked this year, have it inspected this week. It should be checked every year.

This year, instead of pausing for a moment to think if your home is safe, make a checklist and do everything you can to ensure the safety of your home and family.
You can find more information about fire safety on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) website at www.nfpa.org.

---Dennis Bertken is president of Life+Gear, a disaster and emergency preparedness company dedicated to helping the public become better equipped should catastrophe strike. Life+Gear products include disaster survival kits and specialized flashlights and can be found at most major stores.

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