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Dorcy's selection of long lasting and durable LED lanterns allows you to explore the outdoors after dark safely. No matter if you need to illuminate a remote campsite, backyard, or be prepared for a power outage, an LED lantern is an excellent way to light up a large area. Unlike LED flashlights, which are excellent at directional illumination, the ability of a Dorcy LED lantern to brighten your environment in all directions allows others around you to benefit.

Battery Powered Lanterns

Battery powered lanterns remove the risk involved with using a flammable gas as a light source. Battery powered LED lanterns are safe to operate even by kids! For example, our 4 AA LED Mini Lantern is a great option if you are looking for a lantern for kids!

Rechargeable LED Lanterns: Save Money On Batteries

One of the major appeals of enjoying the outdoors is the frugality of camping. Getting in touch with nature is a free opportunity not only to enjoy a scenic environment, but spend time with friends and family. In the spirit of keeping the cost of this activity low, an option you might consider is buying a rechargeable LED lantern. After the initial purchase, a rechargeable LED lantern is an extremely cost-efficient way to provide lighting for your campsite. Not only can you save money on batteries (or propane, in the case of a traditional camping lantern), but the LED's in the lantern have an extraordinarily long lifespan and energy efficiency. Stop worrying about your light source and start enjoying the outdoors!