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Dorcy 3400 Lumen Ultra HD USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight with Powerbank

Product Review (submitted on October 15, 2021):
I have been using the USB Rechargeable PRO Tactical flashlight #41-2701 as my favorite light. It is rated as 800 lumen, so I expected this 2000 lumen light to be at least twice as bright. Not even close! In fact, it is LESS bright than the 800 lumen; I estimate roughly half as bright. So to claim this is 2000 lumen is really misleading. I wish I had known before buying two of them. In all fairness, it does serve as a backup battery to charge phone or other devices, so it does have value as an emergency light, and it does work as a flashlight with a long run time. It just doesn't provide the advertised 2000 lumen. If you want a powerful rechargeable light, go witih 41-2701; if you want a powerbank, this one is adequate.