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LED Flashlights

Compared to traditional models, our LED flashlights possess a longer lifespan, enhanced brightness, and increased efficiency. We’re proud to produce and offer the industry’s premier high power LED flashlights to help consumers properly illuminate their lives. All flashlight models operate for hours on a single set of batteries to offer clear, bright reliable lighting for any situation. So pick up one of our high power LED flashlights today.

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DieHard LED Flashlights
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Dive Lights | LED Dive Lights | 41-0467

41-0467 220 Lumen Dive II

Price: $64.99 

In stock

41-0435 Metal Gear XL-M Extreme 600 Lumen LED flashlight

41-0435 Metal Gear XL-M Extreme 618 Lumen LED Flashlight

Regular Price: $79.99
BOGO Sale Price: $79.99 

Out of stock


Dorcy 41-0901 ZX Series 3 AAA 115 Lumen Focusing Flashlight

Regular Price: $34.99
BOGO + Free Batteries: $19.99 

In stock

41-2608 Industrial Led Flashlight

41-2608 Industrial Led Flashlight

Price: $22.99 

In stock

63 Results (Viewing 1 - 12 of 63)

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