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What to do During a Flood



Our last blog covered How to Prepare for a Flood before they happen. Now we want to provide you with tips on what to do if you find yourself in a flood.


Remember: Some floods can be predicted, but the most common type of flood, a flash flood, is completely unpredictable.




If in your home:


-Turn off all utilities in the home.


-Grab each family members emergency backpacks and waterproof flashlights.


-If time, bring outdoor furniture indoors.


-Position sandbags, like these sandless sandbag, at entrances of home to stop water from entering.


-Move essential items to higher ground in home.




If you must leave your home:


-Do not forget your emergency kits and waterproof flashlights.


-Do not walk through moving water. It only takes 6 inches to knock a grown man down.


-Do not drive in flooded areas. Move to higher ground and abandon your car if necessary.

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