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Preparing for an Evacuation



Evacuations. They are more common than one may think. Evacuations can be due to natural diasasters, pandemics, blackouts and other reasons. Most people find themselves unprepared for an evacuation when it happens.


Life+Gear wants to make sure you are always prepared for the unexpected.


Follow these tips to ready yourself for an evacuation:




1) Create a family communication and evacuation plan, so everyone will know where to meet and how to get there.


2) Ensure you have an emergency kit you can "grab and go" for each family member with 3 days of food, water and supplies, along with plenty of flashlights and lanterns to bring along.


3) Have a plan for your pets if you cannot bring them along.


4) Keep at minimum a half of a tank of gas in your car at all times.


5) Locate and follow recommended evacuation routes for safety reasons.

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