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Life+Gear Review from a Hurricane Sandy Victim

As a company, Life+Gear has always strived to create durable products that are easy to use and helpful in the case of an emergency. We encourage the public to think ahead and be ready at all times. So when Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast, we could only hope that the population was prepared.


Last week, we were sent an extremely positive email from a Hurricane Sandy victim who used one our of flashlights while she and her family battled a week without power. Below is her story.


"I live in Putnam County New York,  Super Storm Sandy caused us to lose power for a entire week.  I have two small children and a week without heat and power was really challenging.
However when it would become dark outside I would take out the Life+Gear flashlight much to the delight of my children. My husband and I used it to get around the house as well as keep our children entertained with books, board games and hand puppets until it was bedtime. Life+ Gear gave our family a peace of mind during a very trying time. I did not have to worry about batteries at all and the red light feature was great when I just needed to do minor things and check on the children without waking them.


My husband purchased the flashlight at a pharmacy a years or two ago. I was so impressed with the flashlight as the power came back on I had to to the website to see what other products they have.


Thank You! Life+Gear for being so reliable."


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