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A Hands-On Review from Tool Monger

Life+Gear's 400 Lumen Tactical Flashlight received a stamp of approval in Tool Monger's latest hands-on review!



The Tool Monger crew first handed over our flashlights to some local law enforcement personal to give our product a run for its money!


"I look upon the humble flashlight as a useful tool to illuminate the dark, the thin blue line also deploys them as door stops, pry bars, shovels, hammers, beat-down sticks, and, my personal favorite, “I don’t wanna touch it; you touch it.” It’s a much more multi-purpose tool when they get involved."


Throughout the week, the 400 Lumen Tactical Flashlight was passed around between state troopers, a sheriff's deputy, a corporate security guard and a tactical team sergeant. To put it simply, this flashlight review was NOT taken lightly!



What was the final verdict?


"One of the lights never came home, finding its permanent home in a squad car. The other will also return to service soon after getting these pictures taken, headed back to the sheriff’s department, banged up though it may be. The $100 price tag seemed like a worthwhile investment to each of the professionals who used them. More than anything else this proves the lights did well out in the field."


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