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Dorcy Pro USB-C Rechargeable 1300 Lumen Dual Flex Work Light and Power Bank

Product Review (submitted on September 14, 2021):
This just might be my favorite camping lantern! But wait... you say it doesn't look like a lantern??? Correct you are, but look beyond the traditional cylindrical lantern style, and you will find that this is an awesome "lantern". One of the best features of this light is that you can direct the light exactly where you want it... and not where you don't want it... like in your eyes. -- And it's packed with features:
1. Ability to direct the light where you want it - not where you don't want it.
2. The led Kelvin color is a pleasing neutral to slightly warm. Perhaps 3,000 ish range. It's a great color for this type of light, not cold and harsh.
3. It has a magnetic base, and a small spot to magnetically hold things like screws.
4. It has a handle and a hook.
5. It's surprisingly light weight, yet stable, and not likely to fall over.
6. It contains a large battery to match it's high output, and give it long run times.
7. The frosted lens helps disperse the high output, and cut down on the overpowering glare that some lanterns are prone to.
8. Well dispersed, smooth output with no hot spots or distinct cutoff. (great wall of light - easily lights a whole room evenly)
9. Obviously it's rechargeable - and can be used as a power source to charge your phone or other items.
10. Super bright on highest setting (seems even brighter than the stated 1300 lumens), and super long runtime on lowest setting. Various settings in between.

This is a fantastic light, in my opinion it is one of, (if not the best) "area light" , work light or alternative to a lantern you can buy at any price. I very highly recommend it. Kudos to Dorcy for coming out with such a fantastic product.