41-4001 3AA LED Bicycle Light- Personal Light 

Price: $55.00 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 220
Run Time: 2.5 Hours
Beam Distance: 200 Meters
Bulb Type: Cree LE
Batteries: 3 AA (Included)
Product Dimensions: 4.72" L  x 1.43" W
Check out the 41-4002 Bike Tail Light
LED Bicycle Lights | 41-4001
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The new Dorcy LED bicycle and personal light produces a wide angle uniform light pattern for better and safer biking visibility. Our wide angle lens spreads the light horizontally, not up in the trees or sky where you don't need it. This keeps the brightness up and lights the full width of the road or trail in front of you. In addition to providing more lighting area for the rider, it will not blind oncoming pedestrians. The patented “Quick Release” feature allows for easy removal of the light, allowing you to use it as a personal flashlight when you're not riding the bike.

The lights are made from durable and corrosion resistant aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. This light has a high lumen output and a long battery run time. It's also water resistant to IPX-6 standards. The weatherproof switch has three positions - Constant On, Flashing Mode, and Off. The flashing mode allows for increased safety awareness.

The patented battery cartridge holder allows for batteries to be loaded through either end, making installation much easier for the consumer. The included clamps are tool free and will fit any bike in the North American market. Item comes packaged in a trap clam blister with alkaline batteries included. . Optional part 41-4002 LED red tail light


Product Specifications
Lumens: 220
Run Time: (100%~10%) 7~8 Hours at FULL Power ON 12 Hours at FLASH
Beam Distance: 200 Meters
Bulb Type: LED: USA Made CREE XML (T6) High Power White LED
Power Driven: 5.0 Watt (3.10~3.15V 1500~1600MA ± 5%)
Light type: New Wide-Angle Optical Lens Produces A
Smooth Uniform Light Pattern
Batteries: 3 x AA (Alkaline, Heavy Duty, or Rechargeable)
Battery Holder: A USA Patented Battery Cartridge allows
users to load batteries into the light via either orientation
(Either End).
Product Material: 6463-T6 Durable Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Alloy Body
Finish: Corrosion-Resisting Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Product Dimensions: 4.72" L  x 1.43" W
Dimensions Head:
Product Weight:Bulk .40
Product Weight: Packaged .70
Available Color(s): Silver Light - Black Bracket
Switch: Weatherproof, 3-Position (ON/FLASH/OFF) Tail Cap Switch
Additional Features: Light Clamp: Quick-release, Adjustable and Tool-free
Bracket (Clamp) to Fit Bike Handles in Various Sizes.
Water Resistant: Conformed to IPX-6 Standard
Shockproof Design
UPC: 035355640014


    Overall Customer Rating: (5.00)
    Date:  12/2/2013
    Great bike light, I bought into the beam pattern being different, and I must say it really does work well. No issues, works fine. I bought the rear bike light at the same time, and it works well too. I've used both for 3 rides about 45 minutes each and the batteries are still working.
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