41-2510 55 Lumen Incredible Floating Flashlight 

Price: $10.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 55     
Run Time: 8 Hours  45 minutes
Beam Distance: 31 Meters
Bulb Type: 4 Super Bright 5MM LED's
Batteries: 3 AA Included
Product Dimensions: 6.45" L X 1.55" W

LED Floating Flashlight | 41-2510
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The 3AA – 4 LED Carabineer Floating Flashlight features a waterproof design and producing 55 Lumens of ligh with a over 8 hours of run time. This floating flashlight is constructed with shock absorbing rubber around the head and the body of the light. The rubber design around the body allows for a slip-free comfortable grip, ensuring stability and durability. The 3AA – 4 LED Carabineer Flashlight has a uniquely built-in tail cap carabineer clip and comes complete with 3 AA cell batteries.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 55     
Run Time: 8 hours 45 Minutes
Beam Distance: 31 Meters
Bulb Type: 4 Super Bright 5MM LED's
Batteries: 3 AA Included
Product Material: Plastic and Rubber
Product Dimensions: 6.45" L X 1.55" W
Bezel Diameter: 2.4"
Product Weight:Packaged 7.0 oz
With Batteries
5.8 oz
No Batteries 
4.0 oz
Available Color(s): Yellow / Black
Switch: Push button side switch
Additional Features: Carabineer Clip, Floating, Waterproof,
 Packaging Dimensions:
8.77" Tall 4.8" Wide x 2.45" Depth
 UPC  035355425109

Overall Customer Rating: (3.20)
Date:  5/4/2013
this light is great. i use it on the boat all of the time. I just got it out today while cleaning up the boat for the summer season. We used it all of last summer and could not believe it still is working with the original batteries. I see other comments about having issues opening it. I just turned the head counter clockwise and the head unscrews. great light
Date:  4/22/2013
Excellent general use light. I've had mine for a few months.
Date:  2/21/2013
Product is great, but nowhere indicated anything about the battery. Generally unscrewing the to p will do, but this one was so well sealed and I was worried about breaking it. A picture or a line of instruction would help. Look at te comments and you'll all but 2 had trouble with the battery.
Date:  1/22/2013
Go buy one of these. Wonderful-light weight-great in the rain and wow-super clear bright beam. After this years storms I will be buying more of these. This little thing is the best flashlight I have ever had! Please make this one self charging with rechargeable batteries. Then it would be perfect!
Date:  11/26/2012
Bright usable short-medium range beam pattern. The major flaw with this light is the switch design which is flat and difficult to locate by feel especially with gloves on. A round convex smooth rubber switch would be much easier to locate by feel. I have one and will be looking for alternatives for future lights.
Date:  11/25/2012
I have read the comments and still can't figure out how to put the batteries in! I have unscrewed everything.
Date:  8/15/2012
Date:  7/2/2012
WTF? How do u put in the batteries in this waterproof widget? Oh, Thanks to the comments. Good flashlight, terrible packaging design.
Date:  6/21/2012
Can't put batteries in. Are you sure this takes AA batteries?
Date:  6/14/2012
My batteries will last forever since I can't figure out how to put them into this flashlight! Please put instructions in the package or on your website!!! Update: For others with this problem, the front cap of the flashlight unscrews to reveal the battery compartment.
Date:  5/4/2012
One day I will figure out how to put the batteries in - add instructions to your web site
Date:  5/2/2012
I agree with the first review. If you are going to make it so hard to find the battery compartment, at least put directions in the package!
Date:  7/7/2011
WHAT THE HECK?? I bought one of these puppies at Dick's, and i cannot find any visible battery compartment. help!
Date:  4/5/2011
Really good light at a really good price. This light is brighter than the Bright Star Razor that I paid $40.00 for! I have one of these in each car and one in my night stand. Wish I knew if it was intrinsically safe, then it would be a five!
Date:  2/22/2011
I have 4 of these, purchased 4-5 months ago for my use and my 2 Boy Scout sons. These have stood up to their abuse so far and the light is very good for general camp and tent use, not to mention having good battery life. I plan to order several more for my house bug-out bags I am assembling.
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