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USB Rechargeable PRO Series Tactical Flashlight

Product Review (submitted on January 10, 2020):
This is a great light! Puts out a bright light for a 7"-long flashlight that will fit even small hands. I have not tested to see how long the 800 lumen high beam will last; the description claims 1.75 hours which would be amazing. There are three options for lower brightness; the lowest (20 lumens) is like a bright nightlight that will last 68 hours, according to the packaging. Charging is easy via a supplied USB cord, so it can be recharged from any USB power source like an external battery for a phone. CAUTION: At first, the tail switch was not working until I read in micro-print requiring a magnifying glass that the battery insulator must be removed before use. Unscrew the tail cap and the plastic disc drops off of the battery, and then it works fine. It makes sense to ship with a barrier to the battery making a connection, but the ultra tiny label (about one-quarter inch across) on the tail switch is easily overlooked. In summary, this is a solid, bright light that is easy to recharge.