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USB Rechargeable PRO Series Tactical Flashlight

Product Review (submitted on February 21, 2018):
OK, I wouldn't have bought this light for myself, my wife got it for me as a gift. When I found out how much she spent on it I was kinda upset, I thought it rather expensive for a flashlight. Let me tell you, this isn't just some normal flashlight. Maybe I'm out of touch with what flashlights are like these days, but this light is really compact and extremely bright. It has multiple output levels, and runs quite a while on a full charge. (I don't actually know how long yet, but I use it every night to walk my dog for roughly 25 minutes, and some times around the house should I need a flashlight, and I charge it once a week every Sunday night, and It has never run out of power any week). I also love that it is rather compact compared to my old flashlights, and even on low it is much brighter. I never even need to use it on high. I'm happy with it.