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Three Unexpected Ways to Use Your Flashlight

I know what you’re thinking…Turn the light on and point it at something. Isn’t that the only way to use a flashlight? While that is the essence of flashlight usage, there are a few unexpected ways you can use your light—ways that just might save you time and make you the hero of the day. And no, I’m not talking about shinning it up at your face when telling ghost stories. But you can do that too if you like.

Try These

1. Use your flashlight to find things you have lost.
If you drop something on the floor and can’t find it, don’t hold your flashlight in your hand and point it down toward the floor. Instead, place the flashlight on the floor and point it toward the area where you lost your item. The light’s angle will cast a shadow on any items in the floor, no matter how small, making it much easier to see. As one who is prone to losing things, I use this one all the time. Now you will too.

2. Use your flashlight to spot dropped contact lenses, as well as broken glass.
Getting back to what I was saying earlier about being prone to losing things, nothing is worse than dropping a contact lens. It always seems to happen when you’re late for work and don’t have any spares around. Fortunately, I learned that the flashlight is your best friend in this situation. While a contact lens is tiny, transparent, and close to invisible, especially when you can only see out of only one eye, shining a flashlight will make the contact sparkle like the brightest star in the night sky. Just make sure to clean your lens before putting it in your eye.
This technique also works incredibly well for broken glass, earrings, pieces of jewelry, or anything else that becomes shiny in light. So next time your wife loses an earring, you get to be the hero. You’re welcome.

3. Make amateur photos or videos look more professional.
Have you ever noticed how a professional photographer will point his or her lights away from what they are shooting in order to diffuse the light and get a smoother look? Ok, well, you probably haven’t, but I have and it works. As someone who likes to make videos and doesn’t have the money to buy the finest lighting equipment available, I’ve learned that a high lumen LED flashlight makes a great makeshift fill light. If the room lights aren’t quite bright enough, aim a high lumen flashlight at the ceiling and you’ll notice the light reflects all around, creating warm, well balanced illumination. If the flashlight has a dimmer, you can use this to dial in the perfect amount of light. This is great for taking photographs or making videos in less than ideal conditions. If you think I’m crazy, then you’re probably right. But I am right in that this trick works really well. Try it for yourself and see.

What tips do you have?

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