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Seen and Be Seen: How to Safely Walk Your Dog at Night

Grab a leash and get ready to hit the pavement. Walk Your Dog Day is right around the corner, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra prepared when you’re out with your furry friend, especially if you’re walking at night. Here are some easy tips for a safe evening walk with your dog.


1. Make your dog more visible.

The best thing you can do to ensure your dog’s safety is to make sure any passing motorists, bikers, and joggers can see them. The easiest option is to apply reflective tape to your dog’s collar, harness, and leash, but you can also find reflective vests for your pup at your local pet supply store. Dog-safe LED lights, which can be attached to collars and harnesses, are a step up from reflective tape, providing a steady glow to warn any passersby.


2. Carry a flashlight.

Even if your dog is outfitted with the shiniest lights and most reflective tape, it doesn’t hurt to have a classic flashlight during your walk to see within your own field of vision. Life Gear offers a wide range of See & Be Seen, lightweight LED flashlights and glow sticks that can help you see in from of you and will make you visible from behind to oncoming traffic. If you want to keep your hands free and practice looking like a spelunker, Life Gear’s headlamps are the best way to go. You can find See & Be Seen products, including carrying clip lights and glow flashlights, at your local Petsmart from September until December.


3. Be smart about your own clothing.

Don’t wear dark colors, and if you don’t want to wear a headlamp, consider at least some form of reflective clothing. You should also avoid wearing earbuds. You have to use all your senses to stay alert for wild animals or passing joggers.


4. Rethink your route.

Try to plan a route that has plenty of streetlights with minimal twists and turns. Stay on the sidewalk, and if you must walk on a roadside, walk against traffic. This makes you easier to see and allows you to react quickly if you need to.   With the right gear and a little planning, you should have no problem enjoying a safe, pleasant walk with your pup.

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