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Lights You May Not Have Considered, or Didn’t Even Know About

So many to choose from.

You know about flashlights and you’re probably also familiar with headlights, spotlights, and lanterns, but you may not be familiar with some of the more “off the beaten path” lights made by Dorcy. These unique lights offer features you may have never considered, or did not realize were even available. In this short article I will try to familiarize you with a few of these amazing lights.

Dorcy 41-6405 Safety Tag Light

If you’re looking for a way to make kids more visible at night, the Dorcy 41-6405 is an excellent multi-function LED safety tag light. This light easily attaches onto kid’s backpacks, jackets, and countless other locations making it perfect for after dark walks, trick or treating, or any time kids or adults are out walking after dark. The 41-6405 has 3 modes: flashlight mode, flash mode, and strobe mode, giving it great versatility. Comes in red, white, blue, and orange. Includes 2 replaceable CR1220 coin cell batteries.

Dorcy Hug Light 41-1260

Dorcy’s LED Hug Light is the ultimate reading light. You can wrap it around you and position the light right where you want it and be totally hands free. Two super-flexible, foam covered wire arms with 2 high-intensity LEDs on each end allow multiple choices in brightness. The soft pattern LEDs are great to read by and you can fine tune them by firing 1, 2, 3, or all 4 LEDs.

One red LED is also included on each arm. This is a super non-harsh way to preserve your night vision - keeping your eyes more adjusted to the dark. Red light is also effective as a non-stimulating way to provide care to people and pets. In addition to nighttime reading, this light is also useful for home, auto, office, travel, and camping. Two AAA batteries provide 40 long hours of illumination.

Dorcy 41-6522 Pop Up Lantern

You won't find a more fun and unique flashlight design! The Dorcy 41-6522 Pop Up Lantern is uniquely collapsible—when collapsed, it can be used as a normal flashlight which is small and ultra-portable. When expanded, it becomes a lantern with 360 degrees of light. With a 20 hour run time, 4.5 meter beam distance, and its unique collapsible design, this is a great light for numerous uses. Comes in black with your choice of pink, blue, or green trim.

Dorcy 41-1251 100 Lumen Clamp Light

The Dorcy 41-1251 100 Lumen Clamp Light is a universal light with multiple features. Perfect for work and positioning into tight places, a flex head with a 15" flexible attachment connected to a strong clamp ensures that the light can be used in countless positions. The clamp allows the light to be attached to multiple surfaces as well. The 41-1251 can also be used as a regular flashlight.

You may not be familiar with some of the more “off the beaten path” lights made by Dorcy.


Even more amazing lights...

Dorcy 46-0440 Rechargeable Work Light with a Magnetic Base

The Dorcy 46-0440 has a bright 450 lumen light attached to a flexible neck, allowing you to position the light right where you need it. A USB rechargeable battery allows for 3 hours of continuous use on high and 7 hours on low, while its powerful beam ensures your work area is properly illuminated.

A magnetic base allows the light to be attached to numerous metallic surfaces. The 46-0440's power indicator light turns from green to red when less than 2.8 volts of power remain, letting you know it's time to recharge. Other features include superior aluminum alloy construction, a safety IC device which protects the battery from discharging when not in use, and a waterproof push button switch.

Dorcy 41-2601 Industrial Pocket Light

This pocket light provides bright light to illuminate what you are working on, with broad beam technology and a seven 5mm LED array which guarantees consistent and smooth edge to edge area illumination. In addition, there is a 5mm LED in the tip of the light which allows the Pocket Light to be used as a flashlight. The 41-2601 features a 15.5 hour run time on 3 AAA batteries and 30 lumens of power. A durable, side mounted pocket-clip allows for easy carrying, and a powerful, heavy-duty magnet provides hands free operation.

Dorcy 41-2105 3 LED Cap Light

This is a handy little light that clips on your cap. The Dorcy 41-2105 3 LED Cap Light features a unique built-in clip attachment that allows for hands-free use. This light is lightweight and compact; you will not feel its weight on your cap. An under mounted slide switch provides for easy switching. Its 3 super bright 5MM LEDs produce 10,000 mcd of output with a 13 hour run time. The 41-2105 is available with traditional white LEDs. Comes complete with 1 CR2016 battery.

Dorcy 41-3114 The Fan

Sometimes it’s not enough to just have light; you need to keep cool too. Dorcy's 41-3114 The Fan is a fan, area light, and removable light all in one. Powered by 8 D cell batteries or optional AC adapter, The Fan has an 8.5" diameter fan that offers 2 speeds and runs for over 15 hours on high and over 20 hours on low. The Fan also includes a 20 LED area light which can remain mounted to the body or can be removed when required. A foldable stand allows you to position the fan wherever you need it. The 41-3114 also includes a pop out folding hook with a convenient pop out handle for easy carrying and hanging.

The removable light can be powered with 3 AAA batteries or can run without batteries when attached to The Fan's body. A folding carabiner hang hook is attached to the removable light allowing for hanging options. With all these features, this is a great light for camping, travel, and much more.

Dorcy 41-1095 Solar/USB Lantern

Open this light and place your important items inside. This new Solar/USB lantern is a must have for any outdoor activity. The Dorcy 41-1095 is made of a soft rubber that offers excellent protection. You can store first-aid, medicine, mobile phones, lighters, money, etc. and they will stay dry and protected. The lantern is also multi-functional, with high, turbo, and flash settings. Charging is accomplished through USB or solar power.

Other features include 50 lumens on low and 100 lumens on high, long run times of 12 hours on low and 5 hours on high, IPX6 waterproof design, and a hanging handle. This lantern is suitable for mountaineering, camping, boating, hiking, and traveling. FDA Approved and includes USB charging cable.

Dorcy 41-1061 and 1063 Signal Wands

These lights are perfect for traffic control, event parking, and emergency signaling. The 41-1061 2D - 12” Signal Wand Light contains 5 super bright LEDs. The light is extremely durable and made of heavy duty plastic. It has an impressive 400 hour run time, one mile (1600 meters) of visibility, and a weatherproof design. Other features include an easy to use side mounted sealed push button switch and convenient nylon wrist strap lanyard. The 41-1061 can be coupled with the metal signal wand stand for hands-free operation.

The 41-1063 3C - 12” Signal Wand Light contains 5 super bright LEDs and a 5 LED tip light for added functionality. The tip light allows the light to be used as a flashlight in addition to its signal wand capabilities. Features include extremely durable, heavy duty plastic construction, a long 400 hour run time, 1 mile (1600 meters) of visibility, and weather resistance. The signal wand has an easy to use side mounted, sealed push button switch and comes with a convenient nylon wrist strap lanyard.

Dorcy 41-6409 Multifunction Glow Flashlight

The Dorcy LED Multifunction Glow Flashlight serves as a regular flashlight, flashing glow light, and regular glow light. On one end there is a regular LED flashlight. The other end serves as a flashing glow light or regular glow light. The color of the handle is the color of the glow light. It features three super-bright 5mm white LEDs with TRUE SPOT® optic lens technology. This provides a focused and intensified light beam. Other features include rugged construction, weatherproof design, and it FLOATS!


Dorcy is always coming up with new and exciting designs for LED lighting. These are only a few examples, but I hope this has given you an overview of some of our unique products and the incredible features they offer. Be sure to keep an eye out for even more innovative new LED lighting designs from Dorcy.

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