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LED Spotlights: Maximum Power and Beam Distance

Bright Future.

“Today’s LED spotlights are lighter, smaller, brighter, and more powerful than ever before.”

41-1085 Focusing Spotlight

The 41-1085 Focusing Spotlight is the latest in Dorcy's line of high performance spotlights. This light features 500 lumens of power, beam distances of up to 418 meters, and impressive run times ranging from 4 to 13 hours, depending on the brightness setting. A rotating bezel allows the beam to change from an ultra-bright spot beam, to a powerful, wide area light—providing a level of versatility not found in most spotlights. The precision engineered TIR (total internal reflection) optical system allows for a precision beam, and the internal diffuser produces an even light distribution. The power switch has 4 settings: high, medium, low, and strobe. This is a great light, not only because of its power and incredible beam distance, but also because of its versatile focusing beam and 4 power settings.

41-4291 300 Lumen 4D/6V LED

This light features a super bright 300 lumen LED, a 243 meter beam distance, and an incredible 20 hours of run time. A versatile battery design allows the light to run on 4 D cell batteries via the cartridge adapter, or on a single 6 volt battery. Durably constructed of ABS plastic material, this light is rugged and dependable. An attached ratcheting stand with pivot allows for hands-free use and easy positioning. The 300 Lumen 4D / 6V LED Lantern comes complete with 4 D cell batteries.

I’ve found that the ratcheting stand on this light really comes in handy. You can use it hands free while still positioning the light right where you want it. The multiple battery options are a bonus as well.

41-1080 Spotlight

The rechargeable 41-1080 Spotlight features 3 super bright, high flux Cree LEDs which provide 750 lumens of light and a beam distance of over 275 meters. An incredible 7 hours of run time is accomplished using Dorcy's new battery saver technology. Other features include rugged construction, non-slip rubber grip, convenient trigger locking switch, and the ability to charge via both AC and DC connections. A perfectly proportioned design allows the light to stand on its own for hands free use. Many spotlights force you to choose between battery life and power. This light offers both! I especially love the fact that you can charge this light via either AC or DC adapters, allowing you to charge at home or on the go. Plus, the light acts as its own stand, allowing hands free use and positioning.


USB The future.

41-1081 Green Lantern

The 41-1081 Green Lantern is a multi-functional light that is so much more than just a spotlight. It features an ultra-bright 700 lumen spotlight with an impressive run time of 3 hours on high, and a beam distance of over 575 meters. On low, the light provides 270 lumens and an unbelievable 8 hours of run time. In addition, it can recharge USB devices such as cell phones and tablets so you're never out of touch, even in an outage. But the Green Lantern doesn’t stop there. Additional light sources on each side of the light bring safety and versatility to a whole new level. One side is a bright area lantern with over 100 lumens which can easily light an entire room. This is really nice when the power is out and you want a smooth area light as opposed to an ultra-bright spot beam. The other side has a 20 LED emergency flasher that will run for 48 hours. This flasher is bright and can easily be seen from long distances—a feature which would be really useful in an emergency. The back/tail of the light provides two push button switches to operate the side lights independently. Also included is a power display that gives you accurate readings of how much power you have left. Even with all these features the Green Lantern is still lightweight, at only 1.11 pounds. If you’re looking for a light that can do almost anything, the Green Lantern is for you.

41-1084 Typhoon

Another multi-functional light is the Dorcy 41-1084 Typhoon which functions as an emergency spotlight, area light, and power bank for charging USB devices. A powerful LED at the front projects a beam of over 300 meters. As an area light on high, the Typhoon produces enough light output to illuminate an entire room. On the low setting, it can last an entire night. I’m a big fan of area lights when the power goes out and this light delivers. Trust me, when you’re without power for more than a few hours, you don’t want to light a room with a harsh, bright flashlight, nor do you want candles which flicker and are hard to read by. The smooth illumination of an area light is perfect for this situation.

The USB output conveniently charges mobile devices including smart phones and tablets so you're never out of touch, even during an outage. Lightweight and portable, the Typhoon is an excellent emergency light for home, camping, office, travel, and car. Includes 8 AA batteries.

This is a great emergency light because it runs on AA batteries. As great as rechargeable lights are, if the power is out for long enough, you won’t be able to recharge your light. That’s why I like to have regular battery powered lights in addition to rechargeable lights in an emergency.

I invite you to check out all of the quality spotlights Dorcy has to offer. With many models and features to choose from, you are certain to find the perfect light to fit your needs.

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