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How To Prepare For A Tornado

Tornadoes: They are nature’s most violent storm. 


Tornadoes can take out a neighborhood and cause fatalities in a number of seconds.




Spawned from a powerful thunderstorm, tornadoes form into a rotating, funnel-shaped cloud reaching from the storm clouds to the ground, with speeds of up to 300 miles per hour. One common misconception is that tornadoes only strike in certain states. However, that is not the case. A tornado can strike in any state during a large thunderstorm.



Because tornadoes develop so rapidly, little or no advance warning is possible. Some are clearly visible, while others may be invisible to the eye when hidden in a low hanging cloud. A good warning sign of a tornado about to strike is if the wind dies down and the air becomes very still.




Being prepared ahead of time for a tornado is crucial and can help you react quickly to save your life.




1) Have an emergency kit for each family member with enough food, water and supplies to last 3 days.



2) Make a Family Communication Plan, so everyone knows how to react and how to contact each other during a disaster



3) Plan out your evacuation route, if you are able to get out before the storm. Also, plan a safe space within your house, or a separate shelter close by in case of a tornado.



4) Stock up on flashlights and lanterns in case of power outage.



5) Tune into the NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio or television stations to track the latest info on the storm. ALWAYS listen to instructions to evacuate from officials.



6) Watch the weather, and note any of the following changes that may predict a tornado:

-Dark, greenish sky

-Large hail

-A low lying, dark and large cloud (especially if rotating)

-A loud roaring noise (like a train)



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