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High Tech LED Lanterns

Not Paul Revere's Lantern

When you think of a lantern, what do you think of? Something used on Paul Revere’s ride? Maybe you picture travelers in bygone days making their way through the night in search of a place to stay. Regardless, you probably don’t think of a lantern as a high tech lighting device. You may be surprised to know, however, that lanterns no longer run on kerosene. In fact, today’s modern LED lanterns are versatile, lightweight, and have high tech features ranging from USB power banks to Bluetooth speakers. Lanterns have definitely changed with the times are among the most technologically advanced lights on the market.

I’d like to discuss a few of my favorite high tech lanterns in this article and introduce you to some of their amazing features.

Today’s modern LED lanterns are versatile, lightweight, and have high tech features

41-1081 Green Lantern

The Dorcy Green Lantern 41-1081, is an amazingly versatile high tech light which functions as a bright spotlight, area light, emergency flasher, and power bank all in one. The spotlight features an incredibly bright 700 lumens and has a beam distance of over 575 meters. On low, the light provides 270 lumens and an unbelievable 8 hours of run time. The Green Lantern can also recharge USB devices such as cell phones and tablets so you’re never out of touch, even in an outage. The sides of the lantern feature a 100 lumen area light that is perfect for lighting a room and a 20 LED emergency flasher that can run for 48 hours. A built in power display keeps you aware of how much power you have left. This is truly one of my favorites. You simply won’t find a more versatile light.

41-1087 USB Rechargeable Bluetooth Lantern

The Dorcy 41-1087 USB Rechargeable Lantern has everything you need for on the go power. The rechargeable lithium ion battery also has USB output capabilities to charge cell phones or tablets, so you're never out of touch, even during an outage. Bluetooth technology and an aux audio input jack give you the ability to stream live music for up to 10 hours. With multiple LED lantern settings of High, Low, and Red, you can adjust the lantern to meet your particular needs. The high setting produces 120 lumens of light and 4 hours of illumination. Running the light in low provides an impressive 40 hours of light, and red mode gives you 30 hours of light. Charging is accomplished via the included USB cable. This lantern also features an IPX4 waterproof rating.

41-1091 Dual Power USB Input/Output Lantern

I really like this lantern because it has 2 USB rechargeable lithium ion batteries and a 4AA battery backup feature in case you run out of rechargeable power. This allows you to have all the benefits of a rechargeable light but have a regular battery backup in case the power is out and you are unable to recharge your light. This light features 3 light settings; high, low, and night light provide plenty of options. Like many of the other high tech lanterns, this light can recharge cell phones or tablets, a handy feature to have as well when the power goes out. This lantern also features a battery power indicator on the switch to keep you informed of available power, IPX 4 water resistance, and a carry/hang handle.

“I really like this lantern because it has 2 USB rechargeable lithium ion batteries and a 4AA battery backup feature in case you run out of rechargeable power.”


Control my lantern.

41-3200 App Controlled Lantern

This amazing app controlled lantern not only keeps you illuminated, it also keeps you informed. With continual updates of environmental and weather conditions, this light gives you the information you need to stay safe. Using the Dorcy SMAP APP, you can control the entire operation of the lantern from your tablet or smart phone using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to communicate your commands to the lantern and vice versa.

Features include a sliding control bar for variable brightness for the right amount of light for every situation, a timer for the lantern to turn off automatically, and a separate night light feature. Unique remote communications technology allows the user to send a message from their smart phone/tablet to the lantern that is translated into Morse Code accordingly. The light also features continual updates of environmental/weather conditions at your location such as temperature, humidity, elevation, and comfort level, as well as battery life monitoring. The 41-3200 is also waterproof and includes a removable built in headlight which can be used as a spotlight or removed and used with strap for hands free use.

41-1058 4 Way Rechargeable Power Bank Lantern

This lantern is small and compact for easy travel. It features 130 lumens of light on the high setting and the ability to charge a cell phone or tablet via its power bank, meaning you'll never be out of touch, even during an outage. Other features include fold away carry and hang handles and a USB charging cable. The rechargeable battery pack is easily accessible for charging and is easy to reinstall after charging.

41-3112 4D LED Area Lantern

If you’re looking for a conventional battery powered high tech lantern, the 41-3112 is an excellent choice. This light is powered with the latest CREE LED technology to provide up to 300 lumens of area lighting. It also features Bluetooth connectivity for audio listening capability. In addition, the lantern can be used to charge portable USB devices such as smart phones and tablets, a great feature to have in case of emergency. Other key features include 25 hours of run time on alkaline batteries, brightness control, back/pause/forward buttons for Bluetooth connections, an AUX audio input, and a collapsible handle with a hook.


If you haven’t looked at lanterns lately, they have certainly changed and are among the highest tech lights on the market today. Check out the lights above, as well as many of the other lanterns Dorcy offers and find out what modern LED lanterns have to offer.

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