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Dorcy Wide Beam LED 850 Lumen Flashlight

A remarkable new flashlight with 850 lumens and up to a 220 degree beam.

The 6AA Wide Beam Flashlight offers three distinct modes of powerful lighting with an easy to use switching system. The first mode gives you a powerful center beam flashlight. The second provides a wide spot beam of light using a series of powerful LEDs that shed light on either side of you. The third mode utilizes both sources of light, resulting in a 220 degree beam of light, 850 lumens of power, and a beam which reaches hundreds of meters down range. In addition, if you require less light output, simply press and hold the switch to dim the light to fit your needs. Comes with 6 AA Alkaline batteries.


Two Classy Chicks blog had this to say:

Today I would like to introduce you to the lighting company called Dorcy who sells hundreds and hundreds of indoor and outdoor lighting products. When you shop at Dorcy you will find motion sensing lighting, flashlights, flood lights, path lights, battery operated ceiling lights, camping lanterns, headlights, spotlights and so much more!

If you’ve been following this blog over the past 3 1/2 years, you’ll already know that Dorcy is my husband’s favorite lighting company. He’s been a fan of their products before I even started reviewing for them! Hubby is a licensed HVAC supervisor, electrician, plumber and contractor, he knows that Dorcy makes quality products!

This flashlight uses 6 “AA” cell batteries (included) and is a heavy-duty one. If your looking for plastic cheap junk, this one is NOT for you! It’s built to last you for years, a real quality piece!

Check out the video below to learn even more about it.

It has 3 different running modes:

Mode 1 – 600 Lumens with run time of 1 to 4 hours
Mode 2 – 700 Lumens with run time of 2 to 2.5 hours
Mode 3 – 850 Lumens with run time of 2 hours

This is a semi-weighty flashlight that’s made out of premium Anodized Aluminum and measures a tad over 10″ in length. With the batteries in it…it weighs only 1 lb., so it’s easy to drag around with you.

One of the things that Hubby loves about the flashlight is that there is only one button (switch) that you use. You press it one time for each of the lighting modes you want and then one additional time to turn it off. It features a waterproof push button with smooth dimming. To activate the smooth dimming, just hold the button down for 1 1/2 seconds to activate it. Basically, you’ve got a spot beam and a wide beam function.

According to my husband…this is the BEST flashlight that he’s ever owned!

He takes it to work and uses it there and brings it back home to use here. If you work in one of the trade fields or just need a good flashlight around the home, this one is for you!

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