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Dorcy acquires Life+Gear

January 13, 2017

Columbus, Ohio – The Dorcy acquisition of the Life+Gear Brand broadens Dorcy’s product line brands by adding a trusted proprietary portable Lighting Brand engineered with a lifesaving, Home Safety emergency and disaster preparedness and Outdoor focus.

Dorcy International Inc. acquires Assets, Inventory, Trademarks and Patents from Life+Gear

“We intend to invest in the Life+Gear brand and rapidly increase sales through new account channels, including retail, industrial and online. Together with our current DORCY Brands, we are excited about working with our customers to unlock the potential of both brands and build breakthrough product assortments and drive collective performance”, said Dorcy International Inc. President and CEO Tom Beckett.

We will be working on action plans to integrate all the operating logistics of the Life+Gear brand business into our Columbus headquarters over the next several weeks. In addition we will also be reviewing all sales and marketing activities and executing strategies that will best position our new company to accommodate the future growth plans we have identified”, said Mr. Beckett

More information will be coming out shortly as we start the transition process.

Dorcy International Inc. ● Columbus, OH 43327 ● www.dorcy.com

Life+Gear - www.lifegear.com

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