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Christmas Gift Dilemma? Give the gift of preparedness!

Don’t know what to get a loved one this Christmas? Give the gift of preparedness with these top 10 suggestions of preparedness supplies from Life+Gear!


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1) Emergency 3-Day Backpack: You never know when a friend or loved one will find themselves in a situation where they need emergency food, water or supplies. Whether it is a major storm, earthquake or man-made event, help them to be prepared. Our Wings of Life Backpack is the perfect gift!


2) The gift of GLOW: Glow Sticks are great stocking stuffers for adults and kids alike! With 8 different colors to choose from, this fun glow stick/flashlight/flasher/whistle combo is a great way to incorporate fun with a product that can one day help save a life!


3) Board Games: Nothing passes the time better when there is no power or a big storm to ride out than having a few fun board games lying around! Check out this list of the best family board games!


4) The gift of LIGHT: Nothing is worse than losing power and not having a few lanterns to help shine light. Lanterns are a great way to ensure your loved ones always have light in arms reach in case they find themselves without power.


5) Car Safety: One of the biggest dangers for those with car trouble is when they are fixing their car on the side of the road without warning passing cars. Flares are an easy and inexpensive item to give your friends and family to make sure they are safe and prepared.


6) Books: If you have ever been trapped in your house, or have had to evacuate elsewhere, you know how slow the time can pass. Equipping family and friends with a few good reads can help! Check out the NY Times Best Seller List for suggestions!


7) Flashlights: Nothing beats having a flashlight in every room of the house for easy accessibility in the case of an emergency or a quick nighttime bathroom trip. For those in Hurricane and flood prone areas, you can even get waterproof flashlights!


8) Gift of Heat: With the winter in full force, heat is a top concern in the event of an emergency or power outage. Provide your friends and loved ones with stylish blankets for their cars and house. Or, if you are a big spender, you can buy them a backup generator.


9) The Basics: Food and water is an essential survival tool that most people do not think to stock up on outside of their daily uses. A Life Essentials pack has a 3-day supply of food and water, along with a thermal blanket. The small, easy to store boxes make it easy for each family member to have a back up if an emergency strikes.


10) Tools & Materials: Most individuals have a tool kit in their home somewhere, but there are many inexpensive options out there to help ensure they are ready and have what they need. Include some extra rope, tape and other materials and your loved one is better prepared.



Happy Holidays from everyone here at Life+Gear!

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