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Big Plans for New Year's Eve? Don't forget these tips...

The Holidays are times to enjoy family and friends, while being grateful for what the year has brought you. As you are busy getting ready to celebrate the New Year, please remember some basic safety tips to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time!


If you are driving:




1) Whether to a party, a bar or a family members house, remember to keep emergency flashers and extra blankets in your car, in case you need them.


2) If you drink, DON’T DRIVE. Plan ahead and designate a sober driver before the party begins. Call a taxi or stay the night where you are if needed.


If you are hosting a party:




1) Plan a designated driver ahead of time for your guests or call a taxi company ahead of time.


2) Serve non-alcoholic drinks as an option for guests, and stop serving alcohol several hours before the end of the party.


3) If you are lighting candles or other decorations, keep a close eye on them. Candles are knocked over easily and can start a fire, putting an end to the night’s fun.


If you are attending a party or out on the town:




1) Designate a sober driver ahead of time, or coordinate a cab to drive you and your friends home.


2) Be careful and attentive when driving if you are the designated driver. Watch for others who may be under the influence, and be cautious of wintery road conditions.


3) Keep your drink close to you, and do not accept drinks from strangers, to avoid any unwanted substance entering your glass.


We at Life+Gear wish you a very fun and safe New Year!!


WELCOME 2013! 

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