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Mastercell D Alkaline (4 Pack)

Dorcy Mastercell D Cell Alkaline battery packs are compatible with devices that use D cell batteries. Features include a 5 year shelf life, an expiration date code on every battery, foil battery jacket, and bilingual packaging. These batteries are mercury and cadmium free and operate in temperatures from 0 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (-17 to 49 degrees Celsius). (41-1621)

Product Features

  • Five year shelf life.
  • Compatible with devices using D size batteries.
  • Mercury and Cadmium free.
  • Expiration date code on every battery.


Additional Information

Product Name 41-1621 Mastercell D Alkaline (4 Pack)
UPC 035355416213
Run Time High 0h
Battery Type D
Best Use Any device requiring D size batteries.
Features 1 Five year shelf life.
Features 2 Compatible with devices using D size batteries.
Features 3 Mercury and Cadmium free.
Features 4 Expiration date code on every battery.
GTIN Inner 20035355416217
GTIN Inner Case Qty 10
GTIN Inner Height 4.10''
GTIN Inner Length 13.80''
GTIN Inner Width 8.30''
GTIN Inner Weight 13.35 lbs
GTIN Inner Cube 0.2700
GTIN Master 10035355416210
GTIN Master Case Qty 50
GTIN Master Height 14.50''
GTIN Master Length 21.40''
GTIN Master Width 9.10''
GTIN Master Weight 67.95 lbs
GTIN Master Cube 1.63
Width 3.630''