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PRO 2020


If you ever have an Issue with one of our flashlights, we are ready to help with a network of warranty service centers, customer support and online resources.

S H O P   A L L   P R O F E S S I O N A L

  • Lifetime LED
  • Multi-Brightness

Pro Series 200 Lumen LED Headlamp with Tripod

Designed from the ground up to be the ultimate headlight for on the job use. Tripod Included.

Industrial and construction site applications are some of the most demanding environments for portable lighting devices, and many are not up to the task. The Dorcy Pro Series headlight is anything but delicate and fragile. Starting from the bottom up, the Pro Series Headlight System was designed using the latest engineering techniques, the best possible materials, and the latest technology. The result is the most technologically advanced, rugged, and durable headlight ever made. We guarantee you have never seen a headlight that is more advanced, better constructed, and well suited for heavy duty work!

Despite its durable and tough body construction, the 41-2614 is portable, lightweight, and extremely comfortable to wear. The automatic built in battery power indicator feature keeps you informed so you'll never have to guess how much power you have left. The PRO Headlight has a beam distance of 100 meters, a 180 degree swivel, and three levels of brightness. It survives a drop test of 2 meters and has an IPX4 water resistant rating. A built in Safety Lock/Off feature prevents the light from turning on while stored, and a quick release clip makes taking the light on and off the strap easy. Strong magnets on the back of the light can be used to attach the headlight to magnetic surfaces. Includes a tripod for additional hands free use options. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty on any manufacturing defect. (41-2614)

  • Rugged, durable, and weatherproof, but lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • 180 degree swivel, three levels of brightness.
  • Tripod included.
  • Beam distance of 100 meters.

1000 Lumen Wide Beam LED Flashlight 

The Widest Beam Flashlight on the Market

The new 6AA Wide Beam Flashlight offers three distinct modes of powerful lighting with an easy to use switching system. The first gives you a powerful center beam flashlight. The second mode provides a wide spot beam of light using a series of powerful LEDs that shed light on either side of you. The third mode utilizes both sources of light, resulting in a 220-degree beam of over 800 lumens, along with a powerful center beam which reaches hundreds of yards down range. In addition, if you require less light output, simply press and hold the switch to dim the light to fit your needs. Comes with 6 AA Alkaline batteries. (41-4346)

  • Up to 220 degrees of illumination.
  • Up to 850 lumens.
  • Switching allows center only, wide beam only, or both.
  • 200 meter beam distance.
  • Press and hold dim switch.
  • Lifetime LED
  • Multi-Brightness
  • Lifetime LED
  • Multi-Brightness

Z DRIVE PWM 600 Lumen Flashlight

Constructed of machined aircraft aluminum with knurled non slip barrel grip

Its taken as fact that there is no such thing as a free lunch. That life involves trade-offs. This of course is always true in science. Want to go faster? You need to spend more energy. 

Over the 100 plus years of portable lighting one thing has always been true. If you want it brighter you need more power. So you will either have to agree to shorter battery life or get bigger batteries. No choice that’s just physics.

But what if technology could find a way to change this paradigm?

What if you COULD have your cake and eat it too?

Dorcy’s patented Z-Drive provides more light with more hours of run time than any other comparable flashlight. The Z-Drive makes use of a sophisticated Pulse Width Modulation driver circuit which is totally new. With Z-Drive your light will stay brighter longer with fewer battery changes than ever before. (41-4312)

  • Focus beam from powerful Spot to Target beam
  • High/Low/Flash light modes
  • PWM Circuit patent
  • 2 Models Available – 300 Lumens and 500 Lumens
  • Built in LED Battery Power Indicator Fuel Gauge on 2AA 500 Lumen Light

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