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Reliable, Safe, Dependable

A manufacture since 1960, Dorcy makes flashlights that are found in thousands of American homes. Every one of them has their own story, and a few of them have even shared them.

Now, its the time to write yours, Let's get started by finding the perfect Member of the Dorcy Family to fit your needs.

S H O P    A L L    H O U S E H O L D

  • Lifetime LED
  • Waterproof

200 Lumen LED Flashlight Blue

Power, durability, and trendy blazin’ blue color!

The LED Cyber Light flashlight takes advantage of leading technology with its TRUESPOT® reflector system, which provides a 276 meter beam of light. The super bright, high flux LED produces 190 lumens and lasts for 5 hours of continuous use. The LED Cyber Light uses the highest strength materials for the lens and housing, making it incredibly durable, withstanding even an 8 foot drop test. Comes complete with 4 AA cell batteries and a nylon lanyard. Batteries are inserted by unscrewing the bottom of the light. (41-4754)

  • 190 lumen high flux LED.
  • Highly durable, withstands an 8 foot drop test.
  • 276 meter beam.
  • TRUESPOT® reflector system.
  • Includes batteries and convenient nylon lanyard.

Failsafe Multi Function Rechargeable Light

A Rechargeable Nightlight, Area Light, and Flashlight. Plus it knows when the power is out and flashes so you can find it!

This Failsafe Rechargeable Light is a versatile, rechargeable light which can be used as a nightlight, area light, or traditional flashlight. Plus, if you leave it plugged in, it will flash when the power goes out, making it easy to find. In nightlight mode, the light only comes on when the surrounding light is low—emitting a soft glow perfect for hallways, bedrooms, and anywhere else a nightlight is needed. In area light mode, the light becomes brighter, providing area illumination. The 41-1032 can also be used as a flashlight with 23 lumens and a beam distance of 71 meters. A long run time of 10.5 hours makes this light an incredible value. A convenient, fold out AC charging adapter makes recharging easy. (41-1032)

  • Versatile design allows use as a nightlight, area light, or traditional flashlight.
  • Failsafe system flashes when the power goes out, making the light easy to find.
  • 10.5 hours of continuous run time.
  • Fold out, convenient AC charging adapter.
  • Light becomes brighter in area light mode and softer in night light mode.
  • Lifetime LED
  • Multi-Brightness
  • Night Light
  • Lifetime LED
  • Waterproof

55 Lumen Yellow Floating Flashlight

The Incredible Floating Flashlight. Drop it in the water and it floats! Perfect for swimming, fishing, and boating.

The 3AA – 4 LED Carabiner Floating Flashlight features a waterproof design, 55 lumens of light, and over 8 hours of run time. Shock absorbing rubber around the head and body gives this light a slip-free, comfortable grip and added durability. This light also has a unique built-in tail cap carabiner clip and comes complete with 3 AA cell batteries. (41-2510)

  • Waterproof design.
  • It floats.
  • Shock absorbing rubber for a slip free, comfortable grip.
  • 8 hours 45 minutes of run time.
  • 55 Lumens.

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