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LED Rubber Flashlight 2AA

Product Review (submitted on August 16, 2017):
I was looking for a cheap AA flashlight, I have older non-led AA flashlights, but they eat batteries, and are not very bright, unless you buy a mini M light, which I have, but it eats batteries. I also have the very cheaply made three AAA battery led flashlights and the AAA's do not seem to last very long in them, and they seem to be more of a flood light instead of a nice centered beam.
I like the rubber coating, gives you a good grip on the light, the light is no high powered spot beam but it is brighter than non-led AA flashlights of its size and price, and has a expectable spot beam.
For the price, brightness, and uses AA batteries, its hard to find a better knock around light.
My light flickered a little when I first installed the provided batteries, I removed the cap and had to snug up the bulb cap inside the cap. Afterwards no flicker.