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Intrinsically Safe 190 Lumen Flashlight

Product Review (submitted on December 5, 2016):
First off, I'm a former HazMat Technician... so this isn't my first intrinsically safe light. I had/have Pelicans, Streamlights and an off brand or two... so I'm not a "newbie". PRO's - The light itself seems "bomb proof". I like the LED verses bulb here... less to break. Well constructed with a heavy clip and a fairly "grippy" exterior. VERY bright w/ good spill. Only thing to mention here is it is almost a 'spot-light' in it's focus w/ a fairly tight beam. Switch is easy to use even w/ gloved hands. CON's - These are the reasons for 4 stars in 'quality'. The base plate. I can see myself loosing one or both the screws when changing the batteries in the field. They fall out too easy when loosened. It may just be my opinion, but the battery holder seems "if'y"... Too many little plastic protrusions for the batteries to fit into. I understand the need to have non-sparking durable, yet inexpensive, materials.... but.......
This is a very good light for the price. It's my first "right angle" light, but it appears to be very well constructed (see above) and will suit my "hands-free-intrinsically-safe-lighting" needs w/ my local C.E.R.T. very well.