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About Us

We’ve been improving flashlights for over 55 years.

What Makes Dorcy Special?

Dorcy was founded on the idea that when we work honestly together we all benefit.

This has been our guiding principle for more than 55 years.

Today Dorcy is a global enterprise designing, producing, and distributing portable lighting products around the world.


We manufacture a wide array of world class flashlights for general use as well as Sport, like running, hiking and camping, even Scuba Diving.

We also produce lights for demanding industrial applications with all necessary safety certifications.

In addition Dorcy is a leading maker of portable lanterns, for camping, and emergency lighting, some equipped with USB connectivity, Bluetooth audio functionality and Mobile Apps with built in weather stations.

Dorcy’s headquarters is in Columbus Ohio where we maintain marketing, packaging, assembly, product testing, and distribution facilities.

Dorcy is a founding member of PLATO (Portable Lights American Trade Organization) and strongly supports the FL-1 performance standard for portable lighting. 

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Every year we reduce the impact our products have on the environment while at the same time increasing their performance and value to our customers. We sold our first LED flashlight in 1998 and since then have helped remove more than 900 tons of material from the waste stream in North America alone. Through continued improvements in efficiency and lower impact manufacturing methods our goal is to further reduce the overall carbon footprint of the company by more than 30% within the next 5 years.

We are a proud member of the environmental stewardship programs in Canada and United States as well as an adherent to the Rohs and Reach protocols in Australia and the E.U. nations. We are also founding members of the Battery recycling program Call2Recycle.

No matter what your lighting needs you will find a world class solution in Dorcy. Let us make a light for you. 

Why Buy From

1. On you can always expect fast shipping, a great selection, excellent customer service. If you buy it on there is a no hassle warranty and returns policy.

2. Dorcy offers the latest innovations and we are constantly improving our products so that you get the leading technology first.