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800 Lumen LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Product Review (submitted on April 14, 2018):
This light was given to me as a gift, and I wasn't expecting much from this little light. I've owned dozens this same size and was always disappointed in them. This light is different in that it is very bright. It's a tough little light - I've dropped it on the concrete floor several times and it was not damaged. I've also held it in my slobbering mouth a few times with no damage. I live on a large piece of property and venture out at night to check the lake or just walk the property with a rifle. There's a lot of potentially dangerous animals, such as coyote, wild hogs, and an occasional Florida Panther and black bear, so a good bright light is essential. This is one bright light, it last a long time and gives good recognition of things for about 75 to100 yards. Right now, it's the best "little" flashlight that I own. One thing that I think should be changed is the location, or the size, of the "off/on" button. It's small size and poor location make it extremely difficult to turn on in the dark. In fact, so difficult that you need another light to find it..... Either put the switch on the end of the light or make it stand out further so you can easily feel it. I was flying my drone tonight and had need of this light twice and I really struggled to get the light on because I could not find/feel the "on" button. In an emergency or dangerous situation at night, and the light was not already turned on, this light would probably let you down.