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650 Lumen LED Flashlight

Product Review (submitted on December 1, 2017):
I own a half dozen LED flashlights from three manufacturers. I will compare the new 41-4297 to my older 150 or 160 lumen 41-42297 (the three versions have no markings on the lights; I will refer to my older one as 150). I am not an electrical engineer and can only cite observations at night. My 150 L had baterries used for perhaps an hour; the new light was right out of the package.

- Multi-cavity battery compartment is easier load than pull-out (and fragile) battery holder
- Unobtrusive battery indicator on handle is much nicer than in-your-face endcap indicator
- Hotspot was ~ 1/3 wider
- Corona of beam was wider and brighter

- Longer, wider, and heavier flashlight body
- 150L throw was better than 250L
- Hotspot of 150L, though smaller, was much brighter than 250L

I wish 250 lumens appeared 67% brighter than the older 150 lumen version. Bottom line: I'd rather have the older unit's size, weight, and hotspot - with the newer unit's multi-cavity battery compartment.

Note: current images on Dorcy Website show 41-4297 150 lumen package and 150 lumen flashlight endcap. I expect this will soon be adjusted.