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275 Lumen Pro Industrial Headlamp - High CRI

Product Review (submitted on November 17, 2021):
This headlamp is exactly what you need around your house. Not only would this come in handy for a power outage, but this also would be great when it comes to fixing a car, hunting or fishing at night, camping, and much more. This item takes two AAA batteries. Battery life with this item I would say is about average. The band is nice and stretchy and doesn't seem to irritate the skin at all while wearing. The band size can be adjusted to fit the size of your head easily. It does stay put once you have set the size without it coming undone. You can also tilt this light with three different settings which came in handy for my husband when he was working on the furnace and needed to direct the light a certain angle. There are three light settings to toggle through using the yellow button on the top of this. The first press is the brightest with a white hugh. Second is a lower setting but still a considerable brightness with a white hugh. The last setting is the light itself at a normal strength and it's a yellow hugh. I like the different light settings because no matter what you use this for, it will come in handy. This can be removed from the stretchy band and used in other ways as well. It does come with something to stick it with to anything you choose. I myself used it as a headlamp. My husband really loves this and we have already went out and bought a few more for when we are outdoors camping or for anything around the house.