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200 Lumen LED Flashlight Yellow

Product Review (submitted on November 30, 2017):
The only major ding on this flashlight is that it lacks labelling on how to insert the batteries. So a 50/50 chance to do it right the first time: just an annoyance. Button switch is a very good design: it hasn't turned on accidentally and drained the batteries unlike some other flashlights. At 190 lumens it is pretty bright. It is very lightweight. The AA batteries are a plus. Typically, I will take "spent" batteries out from my camera (fail at 1.4 volts or so) and use them in this flashlight. The 18650 batteries found in other flashlights can be a little more difficult to find in a store. I have seen these for less:. 2 for 1 would yield 5 star value. At one time colors other than yellow were available. The hot pink one would be hard to loose. Color choices are a plus.