41-1034 Failsafe Parts

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41-1034 Failsafe Parts

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41-1034 Failsafe Parts

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The Failsafe Rechargeable Swivel-Head Lantern contains a krypton bulb providing a super bright beam of light. The lantern is extremely durable, featuring a 3 way slide switch allowing for on, off, and stand by functionality. The failsafe lantern contains a built-in fold away AC charging adapter and has a power failure feature. The lantern features a adjustable swivel-head allowing for greater positioning of the beam. The Failsafe Rechargeable Swivel-Head Lantern comes complete with a rechargeable battery.

Product Specifications
Lumens: -
Run Time: 1.5 Hours
Beam Distance: 40 Feet
Bulb Type: Krypton
Batteries: Rechargeable
Product Material: ABS
Product Dimensions: 8.38"L x 5.31"W
Bezel Diameter: N/A
Product Weight: 1.57 lbs
Available Color(s): White/Black
Switch: Off, on, flash
Additional Features: No Charger Needed - Plugs Directly Into the Wall
Ideal for Power Failures
On/Off/Flash 3-Way Switch for Easy Operation
LED Charge Indicator
Rotatable Head to Angle Beam of Light
Super Bright Krypton Bulb
UPC# 035355410341

Product Resources
Instruction Manual: PDF
Images - JPG: Packaged, Individual , Individual / Bullet

Replacement Bulb: 41-0034 Krypton Bulb
Replacement Battery: 41-0792 6 Volt / 1.2Ah Rechargeable Battery

  0034 Bulb 6V .75 amp
0034 Bulb  6V .75 amp

SKU: 41-0034
  • Krypton replacement bulb
  • For model 41-1034 Failsafe Rechargeable Lantern
  • Krypton Bulb  6V .75amp

Packaged Weight: 0.10
Price: $5.00 
In stock

  0792 Battery JL3 – XM – 1.2 (6V – 1.2Ah)
0792 Battery JL3 – XM – 1.2 (6V – 1.2Ah)

SKU: 41-0792
  • 6V Sealed rechargeable replacement battery  
  • For model 41-1034 Failsafe Rechargeable Swivel-Head Lantern
  • X-Power Tank
  • 1220051
  • JL3 – XM – 1.2 (6V – 1.2Ah)
  • Constant Voltage Charge (@ 25° C)
  • Standby Use: 6.8 – 6.9V
  • Cyclic Use: 7.35 – 7.50V
  • Max Initial Current: 0.36A

Packaged Weight: 0.65
Price: $10.00 
In stock


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41-1033 Failsafe parts
41-1033 Failsafe parts
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