41-0903 ZX Series 3 C 346 Lumen Focusing Flashlight 

Price: $54.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 346 High
208 Low

Run Time: 8 Hours 28 Min High
Beam Distance: 302 Meters
Bulb Type: LED 
3 C (not Included)
Dimensions: 8.4" L x 1.25"W
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Dorcy International’s new Zoom Focus flashlights are state of the art. Zoom Focus technology enables the user to adjust the beam/focus of the light from a tightly focused spot with maximum reach, all the way out to an extremely wide area flood light with a perfectly even edge to edge light distribution.

All this is made possible by Dorcy’s patented TIR optical technology. The Total Internal Reflectance optical system uses a patented acrylic lens that is so efficient almost 100% of the light produced is projected onto your target with incredible precision.

The patented TIR focusing lens is made from optical grade acrylic that is nearly 100% transparent and gives the light a clean and precise beam projection, unlike any flashlight you have seen before. All Zoom Focus lights are sealed with rubber o-rings to protect against dust and moisture. They are also rated IPX6 for water resistance.

The focusing system is operated on a sealed gasket mechanism that is smooth and precise. Moving the bezel forward or back to adjust the beam feels like operating a precision machine, which is what it is. The patented TIR optical lens provides maximum beam concentration when focused in the spot mode. With a reach of over 400 feet, this incredible flashlight will satisfy the most demanding user. When focused to the wide flood mode, the Dorcy Zoom Focus flashlight creates an incredible circle of light more than 30 feet in diameter at 15 feet from the target.

In addition, the patented TIR optical system ensures even light dispersion, providing edge to edge illumination with no dark spots or glare. Made from premium anodized aluminum, they are incredibly tough. Zoom Focus lights use patented TIR optics to provide industry leading optical efficiency. This means nearly 100% of all the light produced gets out onto your target. Outfitted with the very latest LED technology from CREE, these amazing flashlights produce more light output than the competition.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 346 High
208  low
Run Time: 8 Hours 28 Min High
20 Hours Low
Beam Distance: 302 Meters High
233 Meters Low
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 C (not included)
Product Material: Premium Anodized Aluminum
Product Dimensions: 8.4" L x 1.25" W
Head / Bezel Dimensions : 1.85"
Product Weight: .55 lbs.
Product Weight: Packaged .65 lbs
Available Color(s): Black
Switch: Tactical multi function High/Low/Strobe/SOS
Additional Features: O'rings , Lanyard, Strobe, SOS
UPC: 035355409031


Overall Customer Rating: (4.00)
Date:  6/18/2014
I have not used it a lot but the feel of it and the brightness is great I think it will last
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