41-0791 1.2V Battery - 41-1044, 41-1033 

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Sealed nickel cadmium rechargeable Replacement battery
for models 41-1033 Failsafe Rechargeable
Sealed Rechargeable (2 Batteries)
Nickel Cadmium Battery
Standard Charge 14 – 16 hrs @ 130mA
KR – 1300 SC 1.2V, 1300 mAh
Flashlight requires 2 batteries.
You must order 2 batteries.
41-1045 LED New Model Replacement parts
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Product Specifications 41-1033
Bulb Type: 2.4 /0.7 A
Batteries: Rechargeable 1.2V 1300MaH
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 7.3" L X 3.55" W
Bezel Diameter: 3.55"
Product Weight: .28 lbs
Available Color(s): White
Switch: Slide button
Additional Features: LED Indicator 3 way switch for easy operation - On/Off/Standby
Convenient fold away plug Optional power failure feature - turns on when the electric turns off
 UPC  035355410334
(i) The body is PA765A fire-retardant ABS material (ii) The LED is approved by UL/CE lab test (iii) The product dimension is 169 x 96 x 96 mm (iv) Battery is 1.2V 600mAh Ni-Cd AA battery (v) Battery replacement part no. is AA600 (vi) Charging time 24 hours

Replacement Bulb: 41-1660 2.4 Volt / 0.7 A Krypton Bulb
Replacement Battery: 41-0791 1.2 Volt / 1300 mAh Rechargeable Batteries
Flashlight requires 2 batteries

Purchase a new 41-1045
Product Specifications 41-1044
Lumens: 11
Run Time: 2 Hours
Beam Distance: 60 Feet
Bulb Type: Krypton
Batteries: Rechargeable
Product Material: ABS
Product Dimensions: 8.66"L x 2.36"W
Bezel Diameter: .23"
Product Weight: .57 lbs
Available Color(s): White
Switch: Slide top switch
Additional Features: New Longer Lasting Battery
No Charger Needed - Plugs Directly Into the Wall
UPC# 035355410440

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    41-1045 LED Rechargeable Flashlight
    41-1045 LED Rechargeable Flashlight
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