DieHard® 41-6009 6 AA 619 Lumen LED Flashlight 

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DieHard® 41-6008 3 AAA 95 Lumen Focusing DieHard® LED Flashlight
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DieHard Extreme Series:

The 600+ Lumen LED DieHard Extreme Lumen Flashlight features Dorcy’s exclusive TrueSpot® reflector technology, providing world class brightness and an intense beam of light through 618 lumens output that projects a 363 meter beam distance.

The flashlight is constructed of aerospace grade anodized aluminum, and contains a polycarbonate lens making it extremely durable. The LED flashlight is o-ring sealed against dust and moisture providing a weather resistant design (IPX4). This flashlight has a multi-functional side mounted push button switch offering high & low setting.

The 600+ Lumen LED DieHard Extreme Lumen Flashlight comes complete with 6 AA DieHard® cell batteries, allowing for 5.55 hours of continuous use.
Beam Shines over 1000 feet

Product Specifications
Item Number: 41-6009
Lumens: High  619 Lumens / Low 173 Lumens
Run Time: High  5.5 Hours  /  Low 25 Hours
Beam Distance: High  363 Meters /  Low 197 Meters
Water Resistant:
Yes  IPX 4
LED Type: Cree XM-L T6
Batteries: 6 AA DieHard® Included DO NOT USE LITHIUM BATTERIES
Product Material: Aerospace Grade Anodized Aluminum
Product Dimensions: 9" L x 1.5" W
Bezel/Head Dimensions:
2.3 "
Package Dimensions: 12.5" L x 2.5" W x 5.5" H
Product Weight: .1.15 lbs
Available Color(s): Black With Gold Trim

Push Button Side Switch

Additional Features: High and Low Settings, Lanyard, Polycarbonate Lens
 UPC: 035355460001

run time
Overall Customer Rating: (4.43)
Date:  6/30/2014
I live in a slightly forested area where flashlights are as important as bottled water. This flashlight proves to me Dorcy keeps up with technology. I bought each of my adult-children one. They were shocked at how much the quality has advanced. The one's I grew up with are available at garage sales for ten cents and you can talk them down to free if you'll dispose of it properly. Like a good telescope, this flashlight is practical as well as fun. Discovering the tops of trees as well as lighting up the pollens and other air bound particles is awesome. Great emergency lights for our cars and at its lower optional setting, you get many hours of protection. I've never been dissatisfied with any Dorcy or Dorcy/DieHard products. Being brilliant as I am, I needed no instructions. Then I glanced at them just for a moment. I was shocked that two rows of batteries all point down. It used to be that two parallel lines would go + down on one side and - down on the other which is why brilliant men such as I actually didn't need instructions. But then I learned I'm not so brilliant. In fact, my brilliance lead me to load the batteries incorrectly. FURTHER, I went back to another flashlight, moved one row going up, changed it to went over to another Dorcy flashlight I had purchased and had used the logical battery setup. Then, I pulled out one row with the positives up so both rows (actually columns) were unlike any I had seen before and fully illogical. I surmised the setup was devised by a woman whose goal was to teach we brilliant men that we not coast on our intelligence as I feel certain the new design has some advantage. Then, using the illogical instructions, low and BEHOLD, the light was brighter. Feeling foolish, but not admitting it, and knowing it would take a huge force for my lovely wife to read. I will now read the instructions of some things,at least a little. BTW, I've never reviewed before. I should say it all in brief: Great flashlight. Shockingly good if you haven't kept up with advances. Historically, high weight yields toughness (is that a word?). This flashlight feels rugged but it doesn't feel that heavy. Nice balance that is. I'm done. Thanks for reading. Pls send $100 by tonight and you'll have $1,000 by tomorrow night. If you don't have my address, please put the cash in the inbox of a homeless shelter.
Date:  6/19/2014
This product needs to be treated with respect since it is extreme. It is very bright, light and easy to work. I compare it to the old handheld, rechargeable lights of the nineties. This one beats those. Plus I find the battery power, versus rechargeable, to be better. I can't wait for the 1,000 lumen one!
Date:  10/20/2013
Love this light! You use a flashlight to " light " things up, so you can see where or what you're going/doing! If you are worried about being held liable for a car wreck, don't shine a flashlight at oncoming vehicles! How bright is too bright? I'm not sure, but this light shines!
Date:  12/3/2012
Highly recommend this product. I bought it for my husband's birthday and he doesn't leave the house without it. Camping, Fishing, Fixing the car, you name it, he uses it. Great design too...I may purchase a few more for Christmas presents!
Date:  12/2/2012
Nice light..Bought a couple of them for Christmas presents but kept one for myself... have an idea.. Don't shine it in your eyes...
Date:  11/25/2012
Question - Unanswered - How Safe is it: - Child in Dorcy Video pointing it into his eye - In Dorcy Video attaching it to Jeep as Car head light substitute - can it cause another driver in another car to go out of control? If walking dog on side walk --- could one be liable for car accident out in street , or loss of vision. what if child plays with it and tears out heir own or someone else vission using it --- how bright is to bright
Date:  11/12/2012
Unbelievably bright. Compact and powerful. Comfortable to hold. Switch has a positive feel. Looks to be well made. I am going to order another.
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