41-4280 130 Lumen Focusing LED Flashlight + Strobe 

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The Dorcy 130 Lumen – 3AAA LED Optic Focusing Flashlight produces 130 lumens of super bright LED output. With a specially designed optic lens, this flashlight easily projects a beam of up to 130 meters. Featuring durable aluminum alloy construction, twist-able focus control ring for precise beam adjustment, and additional strobe feature, this flashlight is packed with features.
Quick Specs
Lumens: 130
Run Time: 3 Hours
Beam Distance: 130 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AAA Cell (Included)
41-4280 130 Lumen Focusing LED Flashlight
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The 41-4280 features 130 lumens of power, a 130 meter beam, and strobe capability.

The Dorcy 130 Lumen – 3AAA LED Optic Focusing Flashlight contains a super bright LED, producing 130 lumens of light output. Its specially designed optic lens easily projects a beam of up to 130 meters. The flashlight is constructed of aluminum alloy and features a twist-able focus control ring which allows for precise beam adjustment. In addition, it is o-ring sealed against moisture, providing weather resistance. The 41-4280 also includes a strobe feature, as well as a tail cap push button switch for ease of use. A convenient nylon wrist lanyard is included for added portability. Comes complete with 3 AAA cell batteries. Trap Blister Packaging eliminates excess waste, is environmentally friendly, and reduces the item's package size by 15%.


Product Specifications
Lumens: 130
Run Time: 3 Hours
Beam Distance: 130 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AAA Cell (Included)
Product Material: Aluminum Alloy
Product Dimensions: 5.25" L x 1" W (barrel)
Dimensions Head: 1.25"
Product Weight: .35 lbs
Product Weight: Packaged .40 lbs
Available Color(s): Green
Switch: Tail Cap
Additional Features: Strobe Feature, Lanyard, Tactical Switch
UPC: 035355642803
Overall Customer Rating: (3.75)
Date:  6/9/2015
Love this flashlight, it stands up to everything my family puts it through, the batteries even lasted longer than stated. We liked it so much we bought one for each room, car, emergency kit, and family member. There were two complaints: 1) The brand name wore off quickly and it took a while to pinpoint when they were new on the market. 2) Its too heavy for my grandmother with severe arthritis. We were sad to hear our favorite store wasn't carrying this model anymore.
Date:  7/28/2014
Doesn't work when I need it to. Not as bright as my rayovac 100 lumen flashlight. Customer service offers no help at all when their product fails. It's a flashlight how do you people screw that up sticking with rayovac from now on more affordable reliable and works as advertised.
Date:  7/8/2014
I love this flash light. It's bright, light and the 3 modes are very useful. However, the big down side, and it's one that all LED makers seem to be making, is that the lighting modes are operated by repeated presses of the on/off switch. This light would be perfect if there was a separate on/off switch and mode selector.
Date:  2/15/2014
This is a great little flashlight,it's very bright and i like the modes and focusing of this light.I bought two and gave one to my dad who likes his a lot too.
Date:  11/24/2012
Got this during a Black Friday sale at the local Sporting Goods Store for $10... Incredible light for the price. Extremely bright, can light up an entire room by itself and goes out 100 feet while still maintaining brightness. Has 3 modes (High, Low, and Strobe) The low mode is still 10X brighter than those cheap 9 LED Flashlights you can get almost anywhere.
Date:  8/29/2012
It is a great flashlight! The focus feature is wonderful and my sisters love playing with them : ) It took a while but I found out that if you push the on/off button halfway it changes modes which might be why it will sometimes be a real dull light.
Date:  6/3/2012
So, this light isn't too bad, but there are much better ones out there to buy. Firstly, the on/off button often does not work all the time; secondly, it's not nearly as bright as I thought it would be. If you want a bright light for camping, hiking, or to light a room well when the power is out, you'd be better of buying at least a 160 to 180 Lumen light. Thirdly, the battery life in this light is terrible. I have a Craftsman LED (they aren't even a flashlight focused company) 160L light, which is way brighter, a tad lighter in weight, and the battery life last over 5 hours. After 2 1/2 of constant use, this Dorcy is having trouble staying bright. Maglite makes a way better light which you can find in any WalMart of Target. Lastly, one positive thing to say, it is easy to adjust the beam with one hand and that's a big plus. NEBO, however, makes one which is even easier to adjust. Hope you find a great light! Chaos.
Date:  12/7/2011
Just got my light the other day an I am very impressed. The one handed focus feature is great. Some of my other lights are a two handed operation to focus the light. it also is very bright nice design. Overall a nice light. The lanyard is a nice option as well.
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