41-0435 Metal Gear XL-M Extreme 618 Lumen LED Flashlight 

Price: $79.99 

Quick Specs  
Run Time:
5 Hours 45 Minutes
Beam Distance:
363 Meters 
6 AA (Not Included)
41-0435 Metal Gear XL-M Extreme 600 Lumen LED flashlight
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Dorcy is proud to announce our next generation of lights. The Metal Gear series of high performance lights outshines the competition. The Metal Gear XLM (Extreme Lumens) flashlight produces 618 lumens of light from a single LED chip. The Cree XM-L LED module allows Dorcy to drive the chip with 6 alkaline batteries, producing a intense beam of light. With a beam distance of 363 meters, the 41-0435 utilizes the TrueSpot® Optimized Reflector System. Other features include durable aluminum construction, IPX4 water resistance, side mounted push button switch, and a convenient lanyard. Powered by 6 AA batteries, the Metal Gear XL-M Extreme has a run time of over 5 hours. With the dimmer setting engaged, the run time increases to over 25 hours. The 41-0435 has been tested to the new ANSI flashlight standards.
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Product Specifications
Lumens: (High Setting)
Run Time: (High Setting)
5 Hours 45 Minutes 
Beam Distance: (High Setting)
363 Meters
 Lumens: (Low Setting)
 Run Time: (Low Setting)
25 + Hours
 Beam Distance: (Low Setting)
200 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 6 AA alkaline   -  DO NOT USE LITHIUM BATTERIES
Product Material: Aerospace Grade Anodized Aluminum
Product Dimensions: 9" L x  1.5"W
Dimensions Head: 2 3/8"
Product Weight: 9.9 ounces, 15.5 oz with Batteries
Available Color(s): Gun Metal Grey
Switch: Push Button Side Switch
Additional Features: High and Low Settings, Polycarbonate Lens,
Rotatable Lanyard Ring with Lanyard
IPX-4 Water Resistant
UPC: 035355404357 


Overall Customer Rating: (4.60)
Date:  8/30/2014
I bought the light because I liked thae looks of it. This one does look of good quality. The only thing for the price I think it should come with batteries. Other wise nice light.
Date:  4/10/2014
The intense light coming from this relatively small flashlight is amazing. Best flashlight I have ever owned.
Date:  2/26/2014
This is a great flashlight.I have several of dorcy lights and this is the brightest light i have ever had and the beam shines for a very long distance.I got it on the bogo sale and you can't go wrong with this light.Thank you Dorcy.
Date:  12/2/2013
Fantastic light - blows away my Mag lite for the same price. The Mag has a thin beam that throws far - but not much spill light. This throws just about as far, and offers much more useable spill light. This is also smaller and offers a low setting, which the mag does not.
Date:  9/4/2013
Love the light this puts out so much I have bought them for friends. It has the power of a bigger spot in a much smaller package. Batteries last longer than expected.
Date:  3/2/2013
Love this flashlight... The Good - * Love that it uses AAs, as they are convenient and light and rechargeable AAs are available in high capacity (2450 mAh) which are perfect for this flashlight. The Bad - * The switch doesn't have momentary on capability, which makes signaling (like morse code) impractical. How it could be better - * The AAs are stacked three end to end on two tubes, if the configuration were changed to two end to end in three tubes, the design would be more compact and probably be lighter and cheaper.
Date:  12/5/2012
Why can Lithium batts not be used? And are recharchable batts safe? Thnx.
Date:  11/25/2012
Question - Unanswered - How Safe is it: - Child in Dorcy Video pointing it into his eye - In Dorcy Video attaching it to Jeep as Car head light substitute - can it cause another driver in another car to go out of control? If walking dog on side walk --- could one be liable for car accident out in street , or loss of vision. what if child plays with it and tears out heir own or someone else vission using it --- how bright is to bright
Date:  8/2/2012
Bought this lamp from COSTCO (2/$99). Am just blown away by the beam on this lamp. Tested lamp for length of battery life, got well over 8 hours life on 6 coppertop batteries on full strength. The distance of this beam is mind boggling for such a compact lamp. I work for Canadian railway, and use it all the time. Simply amazing. A DEFINATE recommend for anyone looking for a SUPER bright light. Big Kahuna Revelstoke, B.C., Canada
Date:  7/19/2012
I've been using this flashlight to inspect homes. Very good illumination and the low setting is good too. Better then my prior flashlights, thats for sure. I'd recommend this light. Only thing I'd prefer is to have 1 button click to turn on/off. Then a seperate button to go high or low beam. But all in all, a very good performer.
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