41-4416 200 Lumen Focusing Flashlight 

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Quick Specs
Lumens: 200
Run Time: 3 Hours
Beam Distance: 130 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AA Included
Product Dimensions:  7.5" L X 1" W
41-4416 200 Lumen Focusing Flashlight
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The 200 Lumen LED Metal Gear Focusing Flashlight features the use of True Spot optic lens technology, allowing for light projection of over 130 Meters. The flashlight is constructed of anodized aluminum for greater durability. This flashlight features an adjustable beam, allowing the flashlight to focus down from a wide field flood to a concentrated spot. The flashlight contains a dual functional tail cap switch, twist on and off functionality or true tactical push button switch. The LED Metal Gear Flashlight comes complete with 3 AA cell batteries.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 200
Run Time:  3 Hours
Beam Distance: 130 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AA Included
Product Material: Anodized Aluminum
Product Dimensions:  7.5" L X 1" W
Dimensions Head:   1.38
Product Weight:   
Available Color(s): Black
Switch: Twist on/off and tactical
Additional Features: Adjustable Beam
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Overall Customer Rating: (4.18)
Date:  2/29/2016
This is an amazing flashlight! My darn kids lost it so I have to buy another one. So worth it. Very bright and excellent quality. Extremely durable.
Date:  2/15/2014
I have two of these lights and i like them a lot.They are very bright and i like the tail switch and the focus function off these lights.
Date:  8/12/2012
It is a bright light, excellent for its time. It has several design flaws though, there is no heatsinking for the led (it can't shed its heat) so long run times could lead to led failure. After about 100 hours of operation the light will flicker randomly, probably due to the switch, i have not been able to find the cause but its a simple design, and precluding led failure, or resistor failure, it can only be due to the switch. Also, if you use rechargeable batteries be prepared for them to end up with dimples on the ends, the way the switch works is to squeeze the batteries, which eventually causes the dimples in 2 of them (the third is in contact with the switch. If you don't use rechargeable the batteries they will be long dead before this becomes a problem.
Date:  6/14/2012
Date:  1/10/2012
The discrepancy in the specifications are frustrating. The video and blister package shows 200 lumens with a 5 hour run time but Dorcy's new description shows only 150 lumens with 3 hours run time. Has the product # 41-4416 changed to only 150 lumens on current models ?
Date:  6/19/2011
Its an LED not a krypton bulb. It loses some brightness after about 20 hours of use, but still very bright. Push switch has become a little clumsy after 50 hours of use, otherwise quality of the product is good
Date:  2/19/2011
A crypton bulb is not LED but rather it is incandecent as used in "Maglite". not shock proof & with a very limited life but very bright all the same.
Date:  2/9/2011
Very tight and bright but I agree with Raymond - needs a few more threads for the best spot. Richard
Date:  1/5/2011
Just checked mine at night - Great in brightness and distance. The tail of the adjustable head should have been about 1/2 an inch longer, to compensate for stability when screwed out to a concentrated spot. Raymond..
Date:  12/27/2010
Tight and Bright!
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