41-6407 LED Glow Light - Glow Stick 20 Piece Display 

Price: $79.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 4
Run Time: 200 Hours
Beam Distance: 15 Meters
Bulb Type: 5MM LED
Batteries: Button Cell Batteries (Included)
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 7.5" L X .65" W
Glow Lights | LED Glow Sticks | 41-6407
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A 20 piece glow stick display in assorted colors.

The Dorcy 41-6407 20 Piece Glow Stick Display comes with 20 5MM LED glow stick flashlights in various colors. Each light features a unique lightweight design, 200 hours of continuous run time, durable construction, and a tail cap push button switch for ease of use. For added safety, the LED glow lights have a special breakaway nylon neck lanyard. Comes complete with button cell batteries for each light.
The display includes glow sticks in green, blue, purple, and orange.

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Product Specifications
Lumens: 4 Lumens
Run Time: 200 Hours
Beam Distance: 15 Meters
Bulb Type: 5MM LED
Batteries: Button Cell Batteries (Included)
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 7.5" L X .65" W
Bezel Diameter: -
Product Weight: .15 lbs
Available Color(s): Orange, Purple, Green, Blue
Switch: Push Button Switch
Additional Features:
  1. Super Bright 5MM LED
  2. Durable Tail Cap Push Button Switch
  3. Pull-Away Nylon Neck Lanyard
  4. Assorted Colors
UPC: 035355464078
Overall Customer Rating: (2.00)
Date:  1/28/2014
I understand the disappointment over the inability to replace batteries, but I have been buying these for grandchild under age three and the sealed battery compartment makes them childproof. There are only two parts (base with batteries/switch and diffuser wand), and these parts are too large to be swallowed by infant. But I understand why adults are disappointed with the battery situation.
Date:  10/30/2013
I was excited when I saw these & bought three because I thought the batteries were replaceable. SO disappointing! Wanted to be able to use these again next year.
Date:  10/28/2013
This is terrible and Dorcy should be ashamed of itself just read the reviews here. Thanks to idiots like these people our land fills and resources are overwhelmed by waste. Reason for saying this is how Dorcy made this thing "LOOK" Like you can replace batteries with fake looking threads and a translucent compartment so you can see batteries and think you can simply unscrew the cap and replace batteries like all other companies L.E.D glow stick do. Yet you can not replace batteries! Its not glued on its just faked to really look like you can open it up so you will buy it thinking this. Only to find out you can not and you will toss it out and buy another one! Terrible! Shame on Dorcy for this practice and total worthless waste of early resources and pollution on this planet. Chinese no doubt..
Date:  8/12/2013
Beautiful colors, but you can't replace the batteries! What a scam! You can see the batteries plainly displayed, and see the threading on three cap, buyer it's glued on.
Date:  1/9/2013
Wasteful rubbish. DORCY should be ashamed.
Date:  12/29/2012
Still junk. One of five doesn't work and you can't open it up to replace the battery.
Date:  12/29/2012
Works good for safety while walking or jogging, & has survived being dropped a couple times, but the batteries are running out after just about 3 hours use. I have been trying to open the cap, which looks like it unscrews, you can see the threads on it, as well as the 3 batteries underneath. After reading the other comments, I realize it is not supposed to come off, it must be glued on. It would be great if I could replace the batteries.
Date:  10/2/2012
To a baby it's like a mini lightsaber. My babies love these.
Date:  9/30/2012
Too much plastic to just throw away. Terrible idea, don't waste your money.
Date:  12/9/2011
Bought one for $4.50 and it does not work!!!! Waste of money!!!!
Date:  9/9/2011
What a scam! After I turned it on, it would not turn off. The batteries ran out, and are not replaceable. Take your money elsewhere.
Date:  8/26/2011
Looked like a good product, then I figured out that it is designed to be disposable. You can't replace the batteries.
Date:  5/12/2011
Can't replace batteries. It uses 3 button batteries. A single replaceable AA or AAA would be better. It would be nice if it would flash.
Date:  5/1/2011
It starts off great...kids love them..but have one that won't turn off....and impossible to replace the batteries
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