41-1080 750 Lumen LED Spotlight 

Price: $69.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 750
Run Time: 7 Hours
Beam Distance: 275 Meters
Bulb Type: 3 LED
Batteries: Rechargeable AC/DC
Product Dimensions: 7.4" L x 4.00" W
Stands 9" Tall
41-1080 500 Lumen Rechargeable Spotlight
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Most spotlights force you to choose between power and run time. Now you can have both!
With 750 lumens of ultra-bright power, 7 hours of run time on a single charge, and a beam distance of over 275 meters, the 41-1080 has the power and long battery life to satisfy even the most demanding user.

The 41-1080 Spotlight features 3 super bright, high flux Cree LEDs which provide 750 lumens of light and a beam distance of over 275 meters. An incredible 7 hours of run time is accomplished using Dorcy's new battery saver technology.

Other features include rugged construction, no slip rubber grip, convenient trigger locking switch, and the ability to charge via both AC and DC connections. A perfectly proportioned design allows the light to stand on its own for hands free use. The 41-1080 comes complete with AC and DC adapters for easy recharging, at home or on the go.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 750
Run Time: 7 Hours
Beam Distance: 275 Meters
Bulb Type: 3 LEDs
Batteries: Rechargeable AC/DC
Product Material: Rubber / Plastic
Product Dimensions: 7.4" L x 4.00" W
Stands 9" Tall
Dimensions Head: 4.5"
Product Weight: 2.75 lbs
Product Weight: Packaged 3.65
Available Color(s): Yellow/Black
Switch: Locking Trigger
Additional Features: AC and DC Chargers Included, Hands Free Operation
UPC: 035355410808
Replacement Parts:
Battery: 41-0796
  AC Charger: 41-8086
  DC Charger: 41-8081


Overall Customer Rating: (3.71)
Date:  7/25/2016
this light is a piece if CRAP it's way overrated I wouldn't even give a one star the battery WILL NOT hold a charge for an $80.00 light it may be worth $5.00 tops do buy a Defiant light they are a much better light I gave my wife one to keep in her car it's been there for 5 years and I took it out today and it worked damn good Dorcy is NO GOOD !!!!!
Date:  3/24/2016
I have this product for about five years on a regular basis. This baby puts out a lot of light for an impressive distance. Since I was using it all the time it was being recharged regularly. It was bright right up until it needed to be recharged. I would say it lasted about seven hours. However, I didn't use it for about a year so it wasn't being discharged and recharged on a regular basis. Then I started using it again. I still puts out the light, but it only lasts several hours of use. Need to order a battery. So if it sits for a while have to remember to turn it on for about an hour or so regularly to discharge it and recharge it. It is well worth the money. One more thing, while it may be "waterproof" it is definitely water resistant as I have used during blizzards and rainstorms.
Date:  11/16/2014
I just bought this light and it will not even turn on even after charging it up for two days, real piece of crap. Not to mention it doesnt even show up in the tech support section yet.
Date:  6/12/2014
Best light you will ever own as I have had mine 4 years & it's just like new & I live in the woods off the beaten trail & my drive way is over 100 yards & it lights great even at that distance I can see perfect & I have had other lights in my 67 years but none as good as this one & a lot of my more expensive lights have bit the dust but this one is my go to light if I want perfection & know it's going to work best of all. I'll be buying another one soon just so I can have one in two places when I need one I want the best. I just had my other brand I bought bit the dust & it was only 2 years old. Buy it don't wait you will be very satisfied.
Date:  1/7/2014
Great spot light. I use it 3 to 4 times a week for a few minutes each time. Charger works great.
Date:  5/28/2013
Great light! really loved it, very helpful and versatile.
Date:  11/30/2012
This is by far the best high power spotlight I've ever owned... much better than some models that cost me three time the price! It is just as bright as some of the so called "million candle power" spotlights and lasts much longer on a single charge. But unlike the rest, the standard 6 volt 4.5 amp. sealed lead acid battery can be replaced by simply removing the back (4 screws). It can be left on the charger (red charging light goes out once fully charged) so there so worry about the battery dying from neglect. The battery fit is very tight, some sandpaper might be needed on some batteries where the top section (cap) sticks out a hair too much. The days of buying a high power spotlight and throwing it away when the battery dies are OVER!
Date:  8/10/2012
An awesome spotlight! Great brightness and distance. Runtime is phenomenal! Have had halogen and other spots - all very dissapointing due to short runtimes. This spot goes for hours and hours and hours! It's a bit heavy but what spot of this caliber isn't? My kids use it easily. Red recharge light wouldn't come on when plugged-in for a while after it was dropped once, and wasn't clear if it was being charged or not (judging by brightness seemed to have gotten a partial charge). Now it is back to normal - light on and fully charging. Awesome light!
Date:  8/2/2012
THREE STARS ONLY because Dorcy stands behind their products with IMPECCABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE; otherwise, I would have to bail out since I've had three of these go bad--with three different issues, within 24 months.
Date:  6/15/2012
This spotlight is great. I bought it at Sears last month and use it on a daily basis for my a home inspector business. The beam is perfect and I have never had any problems charging it and the charge lasts for hours. I use it all day and charge it every night for the next days use. We decided to outfit the entire fleet (23) inspectors with the light so that they can see what they need to see. I definetley recommend.
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