41-4225 Rechargeable COB LED Worklight 

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NEW COB Technology - Chip On Board
COB” Advantages  • Higher Light Efficacy • Higher quality • Larger LED surface area • Uniformity
Quick Specs
Lumens: 400
Run Time: 2 Hours
Beam Distance: 100 Square Feet
Bulb Type: LED- COB - Chip On Board
Batteries: Rechargeable
Product Dimensions: 13.6"L x 1.78"W
41-4225 LED rechargeable High Power Worklight
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The new and improved 41-4225 400 Lumen LED Rechargeable Work light takes advantage of leading LED technology through exclusive “Broad Beam” ™ technology. “Broad Beam” ™ technology provides edge to edge uniform brightness across the entire work area so you do not have to move the light to get the bright spot.  The NEW COB TECHNOLOGY produces a higher quality light and provides higher efficiency. With multiple super bright LED’s spread across the circuit board the new COB will produce over 400 Lumens of uniform light. In addition, there are 2 super strong magnets on the back of the light cage allowing the unit to be attached to most any metal surface. A 360° rotating swivel hook at the top of the Work Light offers the ability to hang the light. The LED Work Light uses the highest strength materials for the lens and housing, making it virtually indestructible. The 400 Lumen LED Rechargeable Worklight is powered by 2 NIMH rechargeable batteries that are safely sealed inside the handle, providing years of service. The work light comes complete with an AC Charger.

NEW COB Technology - Chip On Board
COB” Advantages • Higher Light Efficacy • Higher quality • Larger LED surface area • Uniformity
Product Specifications
Lumens: 400
Run Time: 2 Hours
Beam Distance: 100 Square Feet
Bulb Type: LED's- COB - Chip On Board
Batteries: Rechargeable
Product Material: ABS
Product Dimensions: 13.6"L x 1.78"W
Bezel Diameter: -
Product Weight: .65 pounds
Available Color(s): Yellow / Black
Switch: On/Off Front
Accessories: 1.35 packaged with Charger 41-8086
UPC# 035355442250

Overall Customer Rating: (2.57)
Date:  5/20/2011
Great light just make sure you recharge before the battery completely dies will damage the battery. Other than that I totally love the light
Date:  3/24/2011
Have used casually for three months since receiving it as a Christmas present in 2010. I followed the charging regimen strictly upon opening the package and liked it. However, the light intensity slowly faded quickly after the first couple of uses to the point where I'd get about 5 minutes of intense light and then it would fade to a dim light. I'm not terribly impressed with the product after casual use for three months, and it seems similar reviews exist. I am currently working with Dorcy to send in the item for repair/replacement.
Date:  3/7/2011
Good light. Very handy and magnets are strong. I use this light at work working on cnc machines. My biggest complaint is the battery life. If you only give a droplight 2 hr battery life then at least make the batteries where u can switch them out like a cordless drill with backups. That and smart charger tech would be cool so you can just leave it plugged in.
Date:  1/7/2011
This work light works great when it's working, albeit about an hour's worth of maximum output and then dimming from there on. I ran into the same problem of battery draining and then not being able to recharge. The problem is that you can't let the battery run out totally before recharging; recharge when there's still some juice left. However, it's a moot point at this time, because mine had already drained.
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