41-4750 190 Lumen LED flashlight 4AA HARDWARE YELLOW 

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Quick Specs
Lumens: 180
Run Time: 5 Hours
Beam Distance: 275 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 4 AA Included
Product Dimensions: 7.8" L X 1.5" W
Bezel Diameter: 2.25"
 Weight  6.8 oz with batteries 3.4 oz without

Yellow Flashlight | 190 Lumen LED Yellow Flashlight | 41-4750
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The 190 Lumen LED Cyber Light Flashlight takes advantage of leading technology with its True Spot Reflector system that gives you a 275 Meter beam of light. The super bright high flux LED produces 180 Lumens, lasting for 5 hours of continuous use. The LED Cyber Light uses the highest strength materials for the lens and housing, making it incredibly durable and withstands an 8 foot drop test. The 180 Lumen LED Cyber Light Flashlight comes complete with 4 AA cell batteries and a nylon lanyard. Batteries are insert by unscrewing the bottom of the light. (click Here)

Product Specifications
Lumens: 190
Run Time: 5 Hours
Beam Distance: 275 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 4 AA Included
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 7.8" L X 1.5" W
Bezel Diameter: 2.25"
Product Weight: 6.8 oz with batteries 3.4 oz without
Available Color(s): Yellow/Black
Switch: Push button Top
Additional Features: - 8 Ft drop test, true spot reflector system
 To install batteries:
 Twist bottom of the light. Black end cap will twist off (click Here)
 UPC  035355447507
Overall Customer Rating: (3.73)
Date:  9/4/2013
Good flashlight with bright LED beam. The only issue is that it's difficult to figure out the battery configuration. There are tiny raised diagrams inside the yellow part of case after you unscrew the bottom, but following those didn't work for me. Turns out you line up one pair of batteries vertically with the positive ends up, then next to them the other pair vertically with negative ends up.
Date:  6/27/2013
After a lot of hours of use, I had the same problem others have been having (will not turn on). After reading the reviews I decided to find out what the problem is. When jarring the light it would flash on and off so I knew it was a bad connection. I disassembled the light and yes I needed a small screwdriver to do this. The problem I was having was caused by the two spring contacts (that makes the connection between batteries and the LED) was too short. I carefully stretched the springs a small amount. This took care of my problem. I hope this will help other people correct this problem too.
Date:  5/17/2013
Time to put battery instructions. PLEASE. Ridiculous. There are two possible parallel configurations and two possible serial configurations. Only one works. Really - printing the directions is an industry standard.
Date:  11/3/2012
My favorite flashlight, and I have ten different ones. Very long battery life, very bright. We travel the country volunteering and sometimes are in the mountains, sometimes the desert so need a strong reliable flashlight because of little or none ambient light at night. Batteries life great, very intense light. Acts a little strange at times i.e.; quit working so replaced batteries but still no light. Figured bulb burned out but cannot see how to replace. Removed batteries, reinserted, took rubber shield off front, let sit a few days. Thought would try again before tossing and it worked fine. Strange.
Date:  11/2/2012
Hey you geniuses saying you need a screwdriver or an engineering degree to figure out this flashlight. Pretty simple even without their instructions. Like almost all flashlights you un-screw either the top or bottom. This one is the bottom. From this product page: Twist bottom of the light. Black end cap will twist off. Wow that was amazingly difficult!!! Also - I've been flashlight obsessed since the age of 4 or 5 and this is my favorite one yet - very powerful in a compact package.
Date:  10/26/2012
This flashlight was great the first time I used it. But was only good for one use before the bulb blew out I guess. Customer Care says the warranty doesn't cover batteries or bulbs. I bought it on Amazon a little over a year ago. Oh we'll. I bought the smaller waterproof one and just got it a few minutes ago. We are expecting Hurricane Sandy here in a few days so hopefully this new flashlight will hold up along with the 2 Coleman Sportsman lanterns I bought.
Date:  9/22/2012
Had to get online to figure-out how to insert batteries (why wouldn't they print instructions on the package?) - then, once I did, the unit didn't work... even tried a fresh set of batteries and still no joy. Piece o' crap - save your time and money.
Date:  9/19/2012
I got this flashlight and like others, looked and looked for a CONVENIENT battery replacement door. For a survival flashlight, this has to be the most onerous way they could design it such that you won't have the tiny screwdriver to replace the batter. What were they thinking ???? Plus, as others noted, there are no instructions to find out that you need a screwdriver to replace the batteries. I nearly broke the end cap and the LED housing trying to figure this thing out. Careless and very poor design.
Date:  5/28/2012
They need to provide instructions on how to insert the batteries, I'm an engineering manager and it took me a long time to figure it out, you put them in opposites
Date:  5/9/2012
just bought this from Amazon, first there's no indication as to how the batteries are inserted. So you'll have to try every possible configuration. None of which worked. Also tried the batteries in another device to make sure they were good, they were, so that means the flashlight is not working.
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