41-2098 115 Lumens LED Headlight 

Price: $24.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 115
Run Time: 2 Hours
Beam Distance: 100 meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AAA (Included)
Product Dimensions: 2.87”  X  2.25  x 1.45
41-2098  115 Lumens LED Headlight
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The 115 Lumen LED Headlight is the brightest headlight on the market today. This headlight features an intense beam of light that projects over 100 meters. The LED headlight has an easy to operate push button switch mounted on the side of the headlight. An attached ratcheting device allows for the headlight to be adjusted to the appropriate angle. The headlight contains a comfortable and adjustable elastic strap that allows for hands-free use. The 115 Lumen LED Headlight comes complete with 3 AAA cell batteries.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 115
Run Time: 2 Hours
Beam Distance: 100 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AAA (Included)
Product Material: ABS Plastic
Product Dimensions: 2.87”
Bezel Diameter: 1.65”
Product Weight:Bulk 0.21 lbs
Product Weight: Packaged .35 lbs
Available Color(s): Silver
Switch: Push button on/off Switch
2 settings.Full and half power
Additional Features: LED Forever Bulb
 UPC 035355420982

Overall Customer Rating: (4.00)
Date:  5/29/2015
Have owned over 15 of these! Given many to friends who love them soon as they put them on! Getting down on my supply, so buying more, better than the many others I have tried. No issues with switch not working, no issue with super short battery life (run it on lower level if you want longer life, still plenty of light output on lower setting). I get 3-4 hours easy with Lithium Energizers and high setting. Band adjusts perfect, holds well, and does not loose elastic strength in the years I have used these. Wear them to work on just about everything; building computers, engines, you name it. Work is better/easier when there is a hands-free light aimed right on the item you are working on! Don't outsource these to low-bid/cheap China and we will stay loyal customers forever!!!!!
Date:  3/21/2012
I have the same model but 145 lumens of ligh; the box said 5 hours runtime. This headlamp doesn't run for more than an hour on max. Headband is very cheap. The firts 30 minutes you have a very good ligh, but after that, just NO. Beam distance I think is about 60 meters. I've used it with eneloop and standart sanyo 1000 mha batteries.
Date:  2/28/2011
Have to agree with most everything said about this light.... however.... the switch seems to go bad very quickly.. can't seem to make my light even come on anymore.!! NOT a battery problem either... so don't waste your $$$ on this light.
Date:  2/2/2011
This headlamp puts out light like you would not believe, considering its small size. I use it on my mountain bike. Outperforms specialty bike lights in the 100-150 dollar range. When not on my bike, it is the only flashlight I use for work and play. Well worth the few extra dollars more than a competitors headlamp, both in light it produces and build quality.
Date:  1/30/2011
This is a fantastic light to use around the house. The power of its is beam is incredible. The unit is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. However, if you are looking for a headlamp for trekking and mountaineering, this is not the headlamp for you for one very simple reason. The advertised runtime is six hours. In my experience, its usually no more than four hours. Who wants to carry tons of extra AAA batteries on a week long expedition?
Date:  11/29/2010
This light is so powerful you have to be very careful what you point it at. I was going to give them to my nephews for Christmas, but thought it may be a bit to much firepower. It is the most amazing light I have ever seen. Nothing Compares.
Date:  11/17/2010
This is a great light. I use it all of the time, whenever I am working any thing outside or inside all year a round. It the main light that I use. I use it for fishing at night. I use it for fishing all year around. I am going to buy another for next spring so I have 2 of them for fishing. It is very bright and very durable. Also it is very comfortable to wear.
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