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Quick Specs
Lumens: 150
Run Time: 8 Hours 30 Minutes
Beam Distance: 100 meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 2 AA (Included)
Product Dimensions: 5.5" L X .49" W
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The 150 Lumen – 2AA LED aluminum focusing flashlight features an intense beam of light that projects an output of 100 meters when the zoom feature is engaged. An impressive eight and half hours of continuous run time is provided using just 2 AA batteries. The flashlight is constructed of aluminum alloy for greater durability and has a tail cap push button switch for ease of use. Other features include a unique, compact design for greater comfort and easy storage. Comes complete with 2 AA cell batteries.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 150
Run Time: 8 Hours 30 Min
Beam Distance: 100 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 2 AA (Included)
Product Material: Aluminum
Product Dimensions: 5.52" L X .73" W
Bezel Diameter: 1.04"
Product Weight: .15
Product Weight: Packaged .30 lbs.
Available Color(s): Black
Switch: Push button tail cap
Additional Features: Tail cap switch, Zoom feature. Sliding Focus Feature. Pull head
of the flashlight to go from flood to spot beam.
UPC 035355442168

Overall Customer Rating: (3.38)
Date:  10/18/2014
Had this in the console of my truck for an emergency light for probably a year. Only used it a few times. Went to replace the batteries today, and cannot get them out. Only one end unscrews, and the batteries are really stuck in there. Light output was disappointing anyway. Am going to toss it and find another brand of LED flashlight to keep in the truck.
Date:  7/25/2013
Love this Flashlight - in fact, it's so powerful that it may have permanently damaged the central 1/3 radius of my retina. Not sure what the max safe threshold of visible EMS radiation is for the human ocular nervous tunic, and how that compares to the luminous flux output of this device. But this freshly minted cyclops will now go find some good data on that very topic.
Date:  12/22/2012
i use this light every day at work. love the durability it has, as it falls on concrete all the time. i was using mag lights but switched to this one because of the lifetime bulb. the only problem i have with it is the push button on and off. i have to play with it to get it to turn on. wish i could replace the button, but haven't found one. that is why i only gave it 3 stars.
Date:  12/1/2012
I really like the brightness and focus of this light, but the rubber switch cover doesn't live up to repeated cycle use in a mechanics environment. I expect a lot from myself and my tools. It would be good for me if it were a bit lighter in the front end as I often need to hold it in my mouth to use both hands
Date:  2/25/2012
I have flashlights everywhere, I like this one for my coat pocket in the winter. I am a from a rain soaked climent so would like to see some water proofing. I love the back button push and find them a good value. 3/5 for some minor issues and room for improvement. I do like my light though. After getting this light thought it was a one star but pleaently surprised.
Date:  4/5/2011
button on rear tends to stick when being used in extreme cold. Also started to flicker while using. I am a mechanic and carry a flashlight always, lasted me one month and three sets of batteries. three stars
Date:  11/11/2010
Good light, very white beam with a medium focus (doesn't throw too far)and as other reviewer says has some chadows in the hotspot. Good for home use or glovebox. Flashlight is well built and feels solid in hand although finish itself is not scratch resistant. Overall a good value. Adjustable focus would make this near to perfect. It would also be good to have a 1AA version for EDC purposes.
Date:  11/5/2010
Powerful light, visibly brighter than my Dorcy 45 Lumen 3AAA alumimum flashlight. Light is cool white with almost no blue tint. Provides decent ilumination at 25 meters. Focus is a bit to wide to be useable beyond that and the hot spot shows a some shadows (hence the 4 star rating)
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